Does anyone know a source for OEM vinyl flooring?


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Here is my predicament: I have carpet currently and needless to say that off-road adventures in the NW involve every organic turf you can imagine, add one dog and two kids = astonishingly gross carpet. I have been insulating the van one door at a time and I'm itching to do the floor. I just ordered the OEM vinyl floor for the rear of the van off of ebay, however I cannot find a source for the front portion that is molded to the front wheel wells, etc. I have called Ford and they say it is discontinued, no Econolines of the correct vintage in wrecking yards within 75 miles of me... I am now reaching out to the Expedition Portal community for suggestions on sourcing this elusive piece. :)

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Too new for either LMC Van or National Parts Depot. Probably need to be patient on Ebay or lucky at the junkyard. Maybe try a few Class B converters, most RV stuff passes through Elkhart, Indiana and I've had a little luck just googling "van conversion elkhart" and calling the companies that come up. Bought a NOS spare tire carrier and receiver hitch for my 1989 Ford that way from two different companies.
I agree with mgmetalworks. They do a lot of conversion work. I bought a rear seat from them over the holidays when I was in the area. Great folks to deal with...give them a call. Barry