does anyone have a manual transmission in their ford (or other) van?


finaly got the manual transmission I wanted for my van, It looks like I am going to just modify the pedal box thats in there to add a clutch pedal and master, but wanted to see if anyone else has a manual transmission in their van and if so wanna take some pictures of the pedal box for me? wanna see if anyone has a better idea before i start hacking up my pedal box...


that is rare from what I have found.

although I did find an early 80's van that was a manual. but not sure how stock it was. cool, but didn't end up getting that van

good luck though


We had a late 70's/early 80's Ford with a 5.8L and 4 on the floor. I never looked at the clutch linkage but doubt it was hydraulic. It was real stiff...


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I have a 86 ford 6.9 diesel that I put a zf5(five-speed) into when I swapped it to a 4x4. I love it. I get better gas milage than I did with the e40d with no od and two wheel drive.
The hardest part was finding a clutch pedal. Ford made a 1/2 ton 3 on the tree econoline in the early '80s. I collected most of the parts for my 4x4 conversion and sat on CL for months looking before I found a parts van with the clutch pedal.
During installation I had to cut both the floor and the doghouse for the stick to come through the floor. I was very worried about noise at this spot being a diesel but turned out quieter.
One weird thing that I have to contend with is the stick coming out of the floor is more next to you than in front of you. Not to big of a deal, but takes a little getting used to.
Also I searched all over the web and was only able to find one picture of an econoline with a floor shifter and no articles. That was two years ago though.
I'll post some pics when I get a chance.


As mentioned in the 1980s Ford offered a manual transmission in the Econoline vans. When their vans were updated in the 1990s I am not sure if the manual was still an option.

I bought a 1981 Econoline new with the manual 3 speed. I got it because a friend had one and I did the same transmission swap I planned. Swapped in a T-18 four speed. First gear was very low, I believe it was 6.2 to one. We took boats to water ski tournaments so the low gearing helped launching the boats. Even the OEM driveshaft fit with the T-18. I just had to cut a hole in the engine cover for the shift lever. I left the origionial shift lever on the steering column. A couple of times people would go to drive my van and not see the big shift lever between the seats. They would try to shift from the steering column and tell me that something was wrong with my transmission.

Perhaps you could find a 1980s Econoline with a manual transmission as a donor vehicle. The problem is that many of these older vehicles have already been crushed. But there might be some sitting somewhere if you can find one. Might be worth running a Crags List or similar advertisement asking if anyone has one of these vans sitting around or at a salvage.


Ford did put manual transmissions with 3 on the tree and 4 speeds thru the floor shifters in 1976-1991 ford vans....the clutch pedal assemblys are available...I have one in my garage because I plan on the swap too....just keep checking junkyards...pic n pull... I still see them....I saw 2 in the last year....I took one.....You remove auto brake/gas pedal assembly and replace it with the manual...requires loosing the steering wheel shaft....not that big of a deal....hydraulic slave cylinder goes thru floor by gas pedal...and my van has a plugedd hole where it goes (1990 E350)