Does an adventure trailer like this exist?


i keep coming back to the LivingLite Bearcat/Camplite 13bhb Hybrid .. based on the bearcat with +4" of suspension, A/T tires outside of the main box, and 30 gals of fresh water.
which meets all of our requirements as a family.

4 beds, Bath/shower and light enough to be towed by my Defender 90 or Jeep JKU AND the big one, be able to get to some of the off the beaten trail campsites locally (Uwharrie and Cape Lookout among others).

When i price out a SoCal tear drop with all the goodies, I'm in the same ballpark as the LivinLite (which is actually cheaper) and i can fit everyone inside it, rather than have 2 on top in an RTT or outside in the OzTent..

Trade off is going to be the height of it, and its a bit heavier.


If the indoor shower is the biggest issue than you can make one for a trailer without a fixed bath.
I saw one that was a utility sink set on the floor(like a mini shower pan) with hose attached to sink drain running outside trailer. Curtain hung from the roof. Water was a on demand setup. The sink had a lid and everything stored inside during transit.


After finding your almost perfect off road camper, I think what you will need is a wash tub , a shower curtain, and sponge ......then possibly a good marriage councilor:ylsmoke:
Seriously though, If someone doesn't sell one, the good folks on this forum will go out of their way to help you come up with some great ideas and designs!

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Some boats have toilet/shower combo. Shoul'nt be to hard to modify a trailer that has a toilet to get that combo. Any idea anyone?


For a price of less than $10k, I recommend a Kamparoo. An external room can be zipped on and be used as a bathroom/shower room. Very offroad capable and has the bare essentials like being able to stand up inside like a homosapien vs crouching/lying down to change clothes, etc. We've cooked inside when the wind outside was unbearable and my daughter has managed to stuff 16 of her best friends in it one day. Another room can be zipped around the kitchen as well. My unit with all the crap I've done to it comes in around 2200 lbs WET. Towing it is super easy with the TREGG hitch system. just for S&G, I took it through the back woods of UT, then exited canyonlands through the famous Elephant Hill nary an issue or backing up.


Forest River Wolf Pup.............GREAT trailer that meets all your requirements. (I think the weight might be a click more...)


Did I miss anyone mentioning any problem with the tow jeep? A CJ-5 is a short wheel base. The V-8 might have the power but some of the trailers suggested might not work with that small a jeep.


Here is an interesting concept I just saw on the TD facebook page.

Td galley bath combo.jpg

I think a separate quick shelter for potty and shower duties is a much better solution, but thought this was a bit clever and interesting nonetheless.


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Kalispell trailer from Carson

The Kalispell (KA101) is a 7' 6" by 10' 6" enclosure, single axle trailer with a tongue weight of 400 pounds. Tare weight is 2670 pounds and gross weight limit is 5200 pounds. It comes with 15 inch wheels, electric brakes and Carson offers it with an "off-road" ground clearance.
Diesel Power magazine towed a stock Kalispell with a Chevrolet pickup and set a trailering land speed record of 147 MPH in 2012 or 2013, I believe. The only change to an otherwise off-the-lot, full interior furnishings trailer was the addition of high speed tires.
The Kalispell comes with a six cubic foot refrigerator, shower/toilet, hot water heater and furnace. It is prewired for air conditioning. Price is around $10,000.00. I have seen several used models for sale online as well. YouTube has some owner videos that show a great ground clearance. I would think any stock trailer that can be towed at nearly 150 MPH over the salt flats must be tough. Check Diesel Power online for their cover story writeup.

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The used market would suite what you are looking for. Unfortunately, everyone wants what you are after, so there are scarce.
Escape trailers (out of Canada)
Casita trailers
Scamp trailers
Burro trailers (no longer in production)
Lil egg trailers
Perhaps some models of iPod or mpg trailers, might fit your weight limit, but not all.
I agree. I have a Casita, actually my second one, and I love it. It fulfills all your better half's requirements and your Jeep can handle it with no issues.. As we all know: Happy wife and you get to enjoy a relaxed cold one at the camp fire ;)

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