Does an adventure trailer like this exist?


I like the Aliner's. They can fill that wish list. My older Aliner was 1000 lbs. Loaded like you request it would still be easily under 2500 lbs. I have towed them for years with my CJ-7 with a V-8. I would option it for electric brakes though as it make it a lot easier to tow. I never had the trailer brakes on the CJ.


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We have a Little Guy Silver Shadow 6x10 with a Rough Rider package, Jeep wheels, and some other goodies.
They have a tent that connects to the door on the right; it's a huge 10x10 that can be a screen room or whatever. Here it is set up over one Thanksgiving trip in Great Smokey Mountain National Park. A Buddy Heater had it around 75 degrees inside when it was 20 outside.
We have a separate potty/shower tent too. Just sayin' --- my wife is perfectly content in the teardrop. If it's too harsh out, just shower tomorrow.



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If my wife was to give me a list of things she wanted for camping that included things you'd expect in a hotel, I'd tell her to stay at a hotel or not come camping at all. Most of the time she'd rather stay home and I have no problem with that, haha.


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I had much the same problem. when I was researching, I came across a new-ish company in NC: fiberglass "egg" type RV, made in the USA, and the owner was quick to email me back when I had questions.

in the end though, bestie ended up agreeing with me that an off-road teardrop w/ an outside shower will work for us. But I was very impressed with this company.


i think were breaking down the requirements based on who is going to use it (which 80% will be me, 15% Me and my 2 daughters, and 5% all of us) - she did get me a tear drop christmas ordement this year so were almost home free.. now i just need to come home with it :)


Check out dunesport toy hauler from mesa az.. they have a 12' toy hauler with 3 different floorplans at looks to be about 10k brand new

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How to put an indoor shower in a teardrop .... First you would have to use something like the zodi shower system. Then you would need to use a bed that could fold or roll up under the cabinets. Then you frame a section of the floor so it can drop to the ground, and use canvas to block the wind between the floor and the ground. This probably give a bit under 6 ft, so include a way to sit, and then some removable shower curtains. Build the cutout to fit a shower pan of some sort to catch the water. After your shower is done the zodi can pump the used water into a bucket for disposal without risk of a big spill inside. I'd build it near a door so it would be easier to hand in the shower system. If you make it big enough it could also hold a porta potty ( place to sit and shower?
Thoughts ?

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