Does an adventure trailer like this exist?


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Long, long time lurker here.

I just got home from a 5 night camping trip in the Imperial Desert here in California and my wife and I have decided it's time for a camping trailer (instead of forking out $1000 for a rental everytime). My only tow rig is a V8 powered Jeep CJ5, which is very light. Given my and my wife's requirements (hers are much more restricting than mine, she's a softy), we've come up with some bullet points. So here is what I'm looking for in a trailer:

Small, less than 3000 lbs.
Sleeping quarters enclosed, not the deployable tent type
Kitchen can be outside
Indoor shower
Less than $10,000 USD

I know that the indoor shower, given the size restriction, and the price point are big issues, but if anyone can help point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.



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Unfortunately the shower MUST be inside (the wife)

Thank you for those links, I saw those last night as I did research on this. Also, I didn't make clear that needs to be an "off road" type trailer. I need the clearance and suspension to get into some of the places I camp :)

Thanks for the help so far!


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The shower is the largest limiting factor. Simple lifting of most trailers is pretty easy.


The used market would suite what you are looking for. Unfortunately, everyone wants what you are after, so there are scarce.
Escape trailers (out of Canada)
Casita trailers
Scamp trailers
Burro trailers (no longer in production)
Lil egg trailers
Perhaps some models of iPod or mpg trailers, might fit your weight limit, but not all.


Any chance you could sell her on an enclosed shower tent? That would definitely open up your trailer options.


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If your pretty handy I could see a cargo trailer conversion working out well for this. Build the rear doors into a galley kitchen, beds inside, shower towards the front. A 6x10 would probably be just about right to fit all your requirements besides being very close to your max weight. The same thing could probably be done with a 5x8 with extended height but would be very tight to fit everything you want. Check out tnttt for ideas.


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Unfortunately no. After an arctic storm hit us in the desert a few nights back, an outside shower ain't happening. Thanks for the info so far guys!


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A Scamp 13' Deluxe is going to be your best bet for your needs minus offroad capability. Not too heavy, enough room for 2, and has a shower.

You're not gonna find much more with an inside shower without getting too big and spending a lot of money.


Seems like you could get away with a teardrop if not for the shower. Add a door to the driver's side of the teardrop and make a canvas shower room that you access through that door, maybe add a vestibule to the shower so you can open that up to get light and air to the TD. So if you're hit by the odd arctic storm you can get to the shower without going outside. On those fair weather days do what you want. This will mean you are standing at ground level for the shower so keeps the trailer height down. As soon as you put a stand up shower inside you are adding significant height to the trailer. Note there are a number of pop top type trailers (I'll get some examples but Karavan comes instantly to mind) where the top half of the shower is either PVC or hard sided but drops down when the roof does. I doubt you are getting something like that for $10K though, unless it's 4th hand.
I looked for the same things in a trailer a while back, and really only came up with 2 options. 13 foot casita or scamp. None of the other fiberglass trailers had a bathroom. If you are not too tall (I am 5'10"), they are surprisingly roomy inside. Lifting one is easy (use search, i think several people on here have lifted the 16 footers - same thing basically). The thing i did not like about the scamp is that the bathroom has the carpeting on the upper half of the bath 'room'. The casita is all fiberglass in there. Tank size is, of course, small too. The casita club forum has lots of write ups on mods people to them. I am still considering it for the very reason you state - bathroom/shower. I dont like showering in my pop up 'privy' unless totally remote camping, for privacy reasons.

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