Dodge 12v Cummins w 10' Alaskan Camper


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The short version - 1997 Dodge 2500 12v Cummins and 1992 Alaskan 10'. Lots of goodies and recent work, we've taken it around the country, love it, planned on keeping forever, but looking at moving and need to sell off some stuff. The intent was to build a reliable boondocking rig. Located in Baltimore MD, asking $17k

The camper: 2 owner, no water damage ever, recently renovated to get rid of 90s laminate feel. Was perfectly functional when we bought it, and totally original. Plenty of cosmetic and functional mods.
Here's the rundown - wood flooring, cabinets sprayed in SW ProClassic Oil, all wood trim refinished, oak butcher block counters, IKEA sink, Baltic Birch walls and ceiling. All windows removed and resealed. All pirelli seal replaced, as well as all foam weatherstrip. Hydraulics gone through, new piston seals. New seals in Thetford Cassette toilet. 200w solar, Victron 100/20 smart solar controller, 2 6v golf cart batteries, Novakool fridge with digital thermostat, Dino Electric upgraded furnace board and digital honeywell thermostat, 2 fantastic fans. Roof lighting on a dimmer, all lights replaced with LED interior and exterior. Nothing has gone untouched, if it's a wear item, it's been serviced. Probably missing some stuff.

Truck: 3 owner, no rust. Arguably best year of Cummins. Rebuilt and mildly upgraded auto transmission(have receipts), EBY 9' Flatbed, AirLift airbags, Aluminum storage boxes, Buckstop front bumper. Engine slightly modified with 3k governor springs, AFC Live, air intake, 5" exhaust. Swapped original 3.55 axles for 2002 axles with 4.10 gears, limited slip rear. These are slightly wider, added rear discs, and allowed for install of 3rd gen front brakes and 4th gen steering. Has a Redhead steering box, steering box brace, new steering shaft, Thuren soft ride springs, Bilstein 5100 shocks and steering damper, and BDS 3rd gen adjustable track bar. Has a new alternator, pulled dash for new AC evaporator and heater core, and replaced heater box seals and foam. New driveshaft carrier bearing. 3rd gen wheels with 35x12.50r17 BFG AllTerrain tires. Happy to discuss mods and explain. This truck was thoughtfully put together for long-distance reliable exploring. Much of the work was done earlier this year to the tune of $5k in parts alone.



It's shouldn't have any trouble selling! Wish you needed a trade!

Hope it goes to a good home.

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Thanks guys - first my FJ62, and now this, kills me a little. I should add it's not perfect, truck and camper are still 25yrs old, truck has a few dings and clear coat is failing on hood, and some paint peel around tops of doors. The usual stuff. I've got way too much time and money into this setup, it's served us well, we've traveled around 35k miles with it


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Great looking truck! You did a wonderful job upgrading the interior of the cabin. Hopefully, you keep some of that wood as you are going to need to carve a 'big stick' to beat people off. My buddy just sold his '97 12 valve which was no way as near as nice as yours (standard bed, no awesome flatbed and camper) and he had a metric boatload of people wanting it.


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Ha you guys weren't wrong! I truly did not expect so much interest. Going to call it sale pending, thanks for all the interest! Will keep this thread updated

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