Do you regret buying a base model truck?


I purchased a new truck back few years ago that was optioned out. Whole works. It was cool at first but it started to annoy me. Back up/cross traffic sensors on the rear bumper worried me when I went off road. I could feel my ocd kick in when I saw all those painted trim starting to get scratches. Interior gizmos, never used them after the initial excitement wore off. Never used the Navi, heated seats, voice command, etc.
The truck after that, I went base (essentially). Liked it much better. Could use it like a truck and not worry so much about it.


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Wow....looking over what is available on new trucks makes one wonder when a truck was no longer was a truck?
That occurred when manufacturers started putting touchscreens in trucks.

In my opinion, trucks should have physical knobs and switches so that one can adjust the heat, fan, radio, etc. while lifting a tire (or two), without having to look down.


Im gonna have be with the anti-high trim crowd.

Back in 2011, my truck (Lariat trim) was probably pretty high tech. Has the lariat ultimate package. I have so many buttons I forget what half of them are (because of infrequent use)

I hate the sunroof, I never use heat/cooling seats (I really only use heat for windshield in winter), rarely use AC, cruise control twice a year. I love my 40/console/40, leather seats, rear seat understorage. The reverse sensors are the worse. I have 2 enormous mirrors, if I hit something my eyes must be closed.

I dont even want a touch screen nav/radio. The rear camera law is the most dumb thing Ive heard of in some time. I dont want blind spot sensors, adaptive steering. I dont need my hand held while driving. I need 4 wheels, 4wd and a steering wheel. Maybe even seats and doors if they cab spare em.

Been looking at a F350 DRW STX. Havent bought it because NY winters would suggest its not the best option. And its hard finding a F350 gasser in crew cab long bed.

Stx or xlt is my happy long as theres a console.


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In my opinion the best thing to do is drive both the strippy and the loaded model, one will get you excited more then the other, and if you can afford it buy that one. I always thought a tradesman power wagon was what i wanted, until i drove a fully loaded one. The interior is sweet and the sound system makes long hauls on the road enjoyable.


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I've always had mid trim trucks. GMC SLE, Ram SLT, and Ford XLT.

They seem to have most everything I want. Aside from the mechanicals my 'must haves' creature comforts are a power driver's seat, remote start, power doors, windows and mirrors.

My wife is now 'borrowing' my truck every few days to haul hay for her horse and adjusting the mirrors and seat two to three times a week in different vehicles is kind of a pain in the ass. The seat memory option would be nice, but I am too cheap to spring for the package it come in. First world problems...

The wife prefers her vehicles loaded so now my truck is getting leather heated seats. I am not going to complain.


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I tend to agree with this right here. Long after you've forgotten what a 'deal' you got you'll still remember the options you wish you'd gotten but didn't. That's the main reason I flew 500 miles to Salt Lake City to get my truck vs. buying one locally: It had every option I wanted and nothing I didn't want (like a sunroof, I don't like 'em.)

Also the "you can add it later" thing doesn't always work out. On my F-150 the 36 gallon tank was (I think) a $400 option. It would likely cost over $1000 to add that on later.
Yeah, I've see one or two people who skimped on the tank option and regret it almost immediately. My work truck was a Screw with a 26 tank and I had no idea why they had bought it that way. First time I filled it up and I clicked off at 23 gallons I was like WTF?! On the opposite end of the spectrum my Jeep is the barebones model and I loved being able to install everything myself... but when your entry price point is 10k there is a lot more cash for the upgrades afterwards compared to a 30 or 40k truck.

Same, I can drive a semi 14 hours every day for a week with zero fatigue. I get in the wifes Subaru I have pain in my thigh in 3 hours. But I can drive this forever....
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I helped do an engine swap on of those, it was only a 4 cylinder but felt like I was installing a V12 into a normal car. Great drive, on my short list of sports cars I would like to buy.
I’m firmly in the middle. Always been a mid-trim truck buyer, mostly XLT Ford’s. They have just enough to make me happy. Power mirrors, windows, door locks, driver’s seat. Lately big touchscreen, heated seats. Knobs for climate control. Cloth seats. Perfect truck for me. My wife’s minivan is a lower luxury trim (2018 EX-L Honda Odyssey) and a big deciding factor on that was we both drive it consistently, and the seat/mirror memory was nice. She hardly ever drives my truck, so a higher trim and (ack) leather seats were unnecessary plus I like a column shifter.


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Top of the range Ranger wildtrak - had to get that to get the 3.2 motor and auto gearbox, but i hate all the bells and whistles. Partly because most of them just get in the way and never get used, but mostly because they are badly designed. Half the digital dash just duplicates what is in the centre console badly rather than letting you have all the instruments you want on display at the same time, the centre console duplicated half the switchgear and doesnt let you do anything useful like run an OBD monitor of system, and it takes up all the space where you could otherwise have put your own, better chosen aftermarket system. And because its all CANBUS as soon as you start trying to tweak anything it throws a hissy fit. I know these things may sound trivial, but as they are the bits i look at every time i am in the drivers seat they really annoy me. Would much rather have got a more basic trim level and then spent the money on bits i actually wanted that work the way i want them to


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I'm with the base model crowd. I had a very nice 4runner but with dogs and living on a dirt road I felt compelled to wash and clean too often. Also I never used many of the great 4x4 features it had.
I bought a 2019 Chevy 4x4 work truck. It is a 19 but its really a 18. I think they call it Legacy edition. Vinyl everything inside. I seem to wash it too often also but don't worry as much about it.


I'm in a 2017 3500 6.7CTD. Price was right at $43K vs. the $52K+ that they wanted for the next trim level up.

Biggest thing I miss is blind spot sensors. The truck,, especially when lifted, is so tall with a high waistline that cars get lost in the blind spots very easily, especially at night. I remedied this with a front/rear/side camera system that ran $800 aftermarket.

I would also appreciate fog lights (stock headlights are trash), the OEM aux switch package, and a larger radio screen to improve the pictures displayed by the cameras. In the time since, I have not found them to be must have features, just nice to haves.

I drove a higher trim level when I was shopping and while it was nice to have my bean bag heated in the winter and cooled in the summer, it seemed unnecessary, especially when I factored in the cost.


Huh. Not sure if it's a regional or 2020 thing but, STX is coming up with a bench and 2.7. When I try to option another engine or buckets / console, it tells me I have to remove the STX option.

I swear it used to be buckets / console w/ column shift?

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I'm happy with my 301A package. Although I found leather easier to keep clean.
I configured an STX yesterday, and you need to choose the STX "Sport" seats to get the center console. There should be four options, bench and console for base and the same for STX "Sport". Differing color packages I think.