Do you leave your RTT mounted?


Wow, more people leave there's on than I would have thought. Driving a JK, which is a rolling brick, I would think an owner would not want to make a problem worse. I guess the key is to make the chore easier and quicker. I guess this is another advantage of having a dedicated camping trailer; my RTT does live on top of the trailer.


I leave my Air Top on 24/7/365. The FJ is my only vehicle so it's my DD but I don't drive it everyday either. Like Expdishn I have a Baja Rack also and it is a pita to get to the mounting bolts. I like having the option of going camping on a whim, I can be on the road in a 1/2 hr after deciding to go.


Ours has been on full time for about 6 months. But only because the garage is too full of junk to pull in and use the hoist I rigged up! :snorkel:



Mine is on my daily driver at the moment but it moves between that and my wheeling rig depending on the season. Twice I have been on a road trip where I came upon road construction where the road was closed from midnight to 6 and I was thrilled to realize that I had the RTT on and all I had to do was back track a bit and find a decent place to set up and sleep while the others were stuck sitting in their rigs for six hours. That alone was worth the cost of replacement covers and burned fuel.


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Daily driver and it sits outside 24/7.
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I have removed mine the last several years so I could park my truck inside during Colorado winters. This year I anticipated a dry winter so have left it on. My truck is my daily driver. I think it will remain on from now on. If it snows heavy I will remove snow weight as soon as possible, though it probably will not be a problem. Mine is a Mggiolina Extreme.


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Thanks everyone.

I decided to go a different route. Since I love going topless too much and didn't want to add extra weight up high. I decided against a roof rack and instead I am starting a trailer project. I have a list of plans for it(nothing TOO crazy) and matching 35s is a must for standardization for a single spare tire.

Here's the trailer, purchased but I won't physically have it till later this week. So excited! Watch for the build thread in the Expedition trailers section.



My Technitop was on for a few years. Then the cover formed a leak, water entered the folded tent. A strange white fuz grew on all of the fabric, the mattress became moldy, the zippers all oxidized and are stuck, the steel frame rusted, the ladder rusted, the rest of the metal has oxidation on it.... I don't live near the ocean, so salt is not a problem.

I cleaned the fuz off with bleach water, the zippers are still stuck/broken, the mattress cover was saved to template a new cover, the foam was trashed, the frame and ladder can be cleaned and painted (yes, the galvanized ladder needs paint now). So, with some effort and someone to repair (probably replace) the zippers, I might have it useable again. I am now deciding on whether I want to sell it as-is or fix it. I am also looking at getting a new tent.

The moral of the story. If you can take it off, I would. I would also inspect the cover regularly. It really sucks having such a big investment fall apart due to a small leak.


By the way, I used to throw a rope and pulley over a tree branch and hoist the tent off of the roof. I also bolted scooter wheels to the tent rack for rolling it around like a wheel barrow.

You can go to my we page on my signature to see the pictures. Sorry I can't post them from my phone.


love the video on putting the rtt on by yourself. would be great except the rigs i use the tent on are all on 35" or taller tires and i'm 5'1", so not happening.

i have a maggi. doesn't affect my mileage and no sun rot concerns. after a couple years, i'm thinking of breaking out the ladder and waxing it so it will look pretty. ;)



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I know the OP has decided to go a different route, but others may find this thread.

I keep mine up all year round -- it's a Tepui 3-Man tent. The lettering on the logo has faded but the inside stays dry. I will plan on a new cover in another year or two -- I'll play it by ear. My wife used our JK as a DD.

It's hard to take it on and off my old rack because there wasn't a lot of room for hands and wrenches between the bolts and the rack (new one I'm not sure, will have to see). It's very nice for me to get home, pack a couple of packs, and by the time my wife gets home 40 minutes later I toss the dog and gear in the back and we're on our way to the mountains. With our living situation it would take about an hour to mount or dismount the tent each time.

I would be interested in quick release options if anyone has pics of a functional one.