Do you ever remove your storage box?


Since I would think that many of the people who use their pickup trucks as daily drivers as well as their camping vehicles, do you ever take out your storage/sleeping platforms? When you built it, did you build it for ease of removal? If not, why not?

I don't plan on using my truck everyday for camping, etc. (unfortunately) and think that it'd be a waste to just build a storage system for only occassional trips.

I have a few ideas, just curious to see what others have to say.


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I don't use or endorse these units but I did think that it was a good idea from another Aussie company. I would need to find the space in my otherwise full garage though.




I don't tend to remove mine very often, but when I do, it's nice to just pull the drawer out, unscrew two screws, and remove it when needed.

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It is a good idea to have it easily removable.

Between trips I use my rig for hauling all kinds of stuff. I think the main probelm is when you need to haul a large bulky item like a pice of furniture, TV etc.
If you have another vehicle or pick-up no worries.


I'm in the process of building mine.. two full length drawers with sleeping platform on top for 1st gen Tundra DC. I will for sure be taking it out when not needed as it is heavy.. all 1.5-1.75 plywood. It's huge too.. luckily at the moment I have a place to store it indoors. It's a bit of a pain, but compared to the cost, weight, and storage of a pop up camper, I can deal.

Mine's a keeper!

To throw my 2 cents into the conversation ...

I built my drawer/platform/on-board water system with no intention of taking it out until I sell the truck. I find the convenience of having drawers all the time to far out weigh the occasional inconvenience of wanting to haul something larger. I love being able to place groceries in the drawers and not worry about my dog getting into them back there and the extra security of leaving valuables back there out of sight.

If you haul larger items more frequently than I do you may appreciate easy removal. I appreciate the constant convenience that my system provides.



I just use different sized Rubbermaid Action Packers, no sleeping platform or drawers as I have a Wildernest (again finally).

I ride dirtbikes the gear bags take up too much room for a drawer system, plus nice to have just a plain ol' pickup bed, not carrying around all that weight all the time. Keep all my camping gear and what not in the Action Packers...only takes minutes to load and unload. Easier to hose out as well with no drawer system, since I use the truck for a multi-use vehicle. One day it is runs to the nursery or the hardware store for bags a concrete or hauling my moto gear or lumber or office supplies or furniture or coolers for a tailgate party or yard debris hauling to the dump or....
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I too haul large appliances often, and so when building my sleeping platform ease of installation/removal was a major factor in design.
I originally wanted a sliding drawer system - but because I needed to remove it often I settled on a design using plastic bins instead.

It's all based on your needs I guess; be it current or predicted future


This is primarily the reason I'd like to build mine. The dogs. For one I don't want them getting into more stuff than they have to and for their safety I don't want stuff falling on them when driving around. I don't ever plan on sleeping in the back of my truck so there is no platform. Plus being able to remove it easily for appliances, large stuff, is going to be a build goal.

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