Do Full Sized Vehicles Make Good Overland Cars?


The most of the domestic full-size trucks have decent payload. They are ok off-roading vehicles too.

The unfortunate thing is all of them are “ unreliable”... according to the fan base the other manufacturer is crap and theirs is amazing.
This confuses a hell out of me.
There is no objective judgment.
Ford is crap according to the GM guy, the GM is crap according to the RAM guy and RAM is crap according to the ford guy.
So only option is left is the Tundra, though proven and reliable, it so old and outdated even the Roman chariot looks more advanced.

If a newbie comes to this website he will leave even more contradictory information. For example, one guy says he spent entire week at a dealership fixing his bright new truck and then, other guy replays him saying It’s all BS, and that he drove his truck form Florida to Fairbanks with a slightest issue.
Only thing one is left with is to look at the numbers (payload) features (factory locker, gear ratios etc) and the price. That’s it. The rest is up to your instincts.
This has been a useful tool for me, up to a point. I like that it combines the NHTSA information with complaints to the website. Seems pretty objective and let’s one see clear patterns. Sadly, there’s no attempt to show a ratio of issues to volume of vehicles. Have to do that yourself. I like that it separates the Ford F series into models, wish I could find sales broken out that way.