DIY on-board shower components questions.


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I’m sure this topic has been covered extensively in some post that isn’t popping up in my search, but I’ll ask anyways…

Quick background. I have a Jeep LJ (the long TJ) and like to do extended adventure trips of various difficulty and length. Half of my gear storage in the back tub consists of my spare tire, tools, recovery, and spares. I’m left with a limited amount of space and am weight conscience. Most of the gear we take is more on the backpacking side of the spectrum. I have one of those pop-up wire frame shower huts and a large hanging sun shower rig as my system. Sometimes I use a friend’s modified Zodi shower, but it’s not ideal.

My new idea is to keep my shower tent (it sits nicely on my spare and takes up no usable room) and add a heat exchanger type shower. I have a Duda 20 plate heat exchanger and a small Shurflo pump that has battery alligator clamps that I will keep in a stuff sack. I plan on using my 5 gallon plastic jerry can as a water source and will house all of the tubing. I try to take showers at least 100’ away from a water source so my plan was to recirculate water within the jerry can until the desired temp is reached.

I’m a stumped on what type of hoses/fittings to use. Quick connects are a plus! More importantly I’m looking for a small efficient shower head with a on/off valve and some sort of inlet filter option to drop in my jerry can.



I have thought about adding black PVC pipe to the top of the van and having a gravity fed shower, some people add adapters to hook up air compressors and add some punch to them but that is unnecessary for my needs. For now I just use a sceptor tank as I already had an extra, and added a bug spray top that fits well, but it was around 50 bucks to buy the sprayer where the majority ends up in the trash, so I don't love the solution.....but figure if I ever ran out of drinking water I could tap into that as a backup.

Heres a PVC example

and the sceptor sprayer, though I swapped out the nozzle for something a little more robust

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home depot has the low flow shower heads, i think they're like 1.7 gpm. Youll also find that the low flow shower head helps to slow the water down therefore holding the water in the heat exchanger longer...hotter water.