DIY "Move Bumpers"


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Any have experience with Move Bumpers: They actually look pretty good and not too heavy.

They are sold in panels with you doing the welding. I saw one on van at recent Expo East but the guy recommended not going with them as he had lots of trouble getting it to fit van and he needed to do lots of fab. I can't find other user experiences.


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we just put one on a dodge Dakota and it was a snap. the quality of the finished fit and look is entirely up to you, which is nice, easy to follow directions and, if you know what you are doing, complete confidence in the welding.


The little that I've heard has been that they generally are fairly "easy" to fit, as long as you are competent.

I almost tried them out for my Colorado, but the company wanted to sell me one sight unseen, they didn't even have a picture of one on a Colorado yet and didn't care that I was willing to actually head to their shop in Montana.
I really want to do one. Don’t have time to pattern my own but like the idea of welding my own up. Might start with the rear for my F350 as all the fronts are just so big.

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These kits are CNC cut so the fit should be perfect if properly assembled. These things do require a competent welder. Welding creates a good deal of distortion in metal, and a skilled welder will know how to mitigate that problem. I would not attempt this project unless you understand this and have the experience to deal with it.