DIY KITCHEN MODULE.. from Aluminum Extrusions "8020"


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Hi guys!

I would like to share a fun little project i've been working on the last couple months..
Yes a couple of months lol, because i am in no rush and constantly figuring out the right way to do things and then waiting on parts to come in.

My goal was to make a drawer module i can use as a "chuckbox" or for general storage when not camping.
I wanted it to be relative lightweight, sturdy, and just make camp cooking less of a hassle.
I was using a Alu Box to house my camp cooking supplies, worked ok but constantly getting stuff in and out while cooking on top for example was not ideal.

Here's what i made:


I used 2020 aluminum extrusions for the main parts of the frame and a couple of 2040 parts as well.
The drawers i used are simple plastic open storage crates made here in Europe.. 60x40 centimeters..
I was thinking of making the drawers myself from wood but these are lightweight, fairly cheap, strong..
and well.. all-ready made lol.

As you can see, the top "drawer" is in a fixed position and houses the Primus 2 burner stove..
It will be a bit up higher in the drawer when i am done with the build,
i still need to make a aluminum base plate underneath the stove to reflect some heat.

The aluminum top lit comes of and serves as a food prep surface area when placed on the 2e or 3e drawer.

The idea is to place this module on 90CM / 34" long locking drawer slides in the back of my Outlander like most with some sort of drawer system do.
The module is not 100% ready yet, still need to figure some small things out but the most hard parts are ready.

I will share some "work in progress" pictures after i post this..

What you guys think?
I hope it makes camp cooking a bit more easy while on the move every day.

Stay safe!
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Nice re-use of the storage crates. How much do you think it weighs?
Well, i still need to weigh it but i can easily lift the box with one hand..
The storage crates are light weight and the amount of alu extrusion i used i kept to a minimal,
constantly having the weight in mind.

The sides i closed with black 3mm PVC Foam plate.
The inner extrusion slot is 6mm, i used little M3 (3mm) hex treads next to the 3mm plate to keep the plate nice and snugg in place.
It's not the most sturdy material but it's cheap, super light weight and very easy to work with so we will see how it hold on..
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Those euro containers make great storage, I use a load myself. How did you attach the runners to them?
The runners fit inside the outside cutout from of the crate if that makes sence..
Normally you would fix the runners to the frame first and than attach drawers to them,
but i wanted a small as possible box so the runners are fitted in the side slot of the crate.

I'll see if i can find a picture ..


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Here you can see i cut out a piece of the drawer / crate so the runner fits "inside" the drawer..
This way it saves some space and kept the total dimensions to a minium.

The runners are 35cm.. the crate is 40cm deep. this way i can fit it inside but you don't see the runner when looking at the front
because it's still behind the plastic crate construction at the front end.