DIY: Homemade Camp kitchen and drawer system build by an every day Joe


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Great work, very professional and clean looking, but most importantly it looks very practical.

Do you find you are able to work on the fold down tailgate table while you cook? I've got a very similar design in mind but I'm debating on the stove pullout -- potentially rotating the stove the other way, though that means walking around it to get to the tailgate table. If you find both usable that would be fantastic.

Also, do you find that this setup replaces the need for a separate camp table? We usually bring a folding/rollup table with us, only because it's easy to use as a cooking surface, but on reflection we don't really use it for anything else so this kind of system could have that benefit too.

Great build, great jeep, and thanks for sharing!


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I like it. I’ll have to incorporate some of your design into mine. Thanks for sharing!

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