DIY Fridge Slider for WK


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Thought you guys might enjoy seeing the end result of this project. I'm going to integrate a small LiFePO4 50aH chained to my Yeti 400 into the jeep as well for overlanding. Will charge off 200W of solar and alternator as needed.

Build List:
48" piece of 2"x2" 1/4" channel iron - $25 (?) at Lowes
26" full extension 400 lb sliders from local furniture store ($75 for the pair)
Free timber from Lowes and plywood desktop from an estate sale (free)
ARB Tie-Down kit - $30 from Amazon
Harbor Freight tie-down posts - $8
Misc hardware - $20

Fridge Slider2.jpg

Fridge Slider3.jpg

Fridge Slider4.jpg

Fridge Slider5.jpg

Fridge Slider.jpg


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Thanks, honestly you probably could make something similar without the angle iron... I considered cutting more of the strapping timber into 12" pieces and securing the sliders with 10-12 2" deck screws per side. I had the angle from another project, so used it.

No reason to shell out $350 for the ARB kits.

Those tie downs that attach to the handles are worth every penny in my opinion. You do need to grind out the welds on the HFanchors to slot in the ARB strap ends though, FYI.


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Nicely done, good job.

Welcome btw, if you haven't been welcomed to the portal, good to see another WK.

Apologies if have I missed it, have you got a build thread/more pics of your Jeep?

Regardless of the current state of the world, have you got any travel plans?

No plans to travel, unless we decide to bug out, lol. I've taken this rig up some pretty hellish trails here in Colorado and with the Eaton E-Lockers it keeps up with the jacked up JKs with ease. Not planning to beat on it too much going forward though, its my backup vehicle in case my truck or the wife's 4runner is disabled.

My build thread is somewhere on JeepForum, but I'm gonna start one here, because the WK forum has largely become polluted with folks asking how to change their oil or fix the TPMS system.

I've had this jeep since 2012 and completed the following mods:
4" Superlift w/ Duratrac 285/70/17s
GDE Hot Tune (RIP GDE)
4X Guard Belly Guard & Front Guard (RIP 4X Guard)
Ebay Turbo Resonator upgrade w/ Russian Silicone (I piloted this)
Intercooler upgrade w/ Treadstone TR8 unit (Very Involved)
Custom front bumper w/ hidden M8000 winch (Same time as Intercooler)
WAM Rear Bumper w/ Swingout Tire Carrier
Custom Roof Rack w/ slide out 100W solar panel
Jeeperf Poly bushings for IFS (do this while installing Superlift!)
CB Radio Install to Overhead Console
DIY Fridge Slider

Future Mods:
ARB awning kit (on order)
IR lights front and rear (who doesn't want to be able to drive with NODs?)
RR sliders (on order)
NAG1 deep transmission pan (in garage)
6" super lift boost w/ OME HD springs and 2" spacer pucks rear (in garage); may necessitate a driveshaft upgrade too
Dual battery in quarter panel
Auxiliary fuel tank in spare tire slot
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