Ditching my RTT; Need ideas on Camp Set-ups - Post Pics!


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Firstly, thank you to everyone thus far who has shared pics and ideas of your existing and planned non-RTT setups. I appreciate your taking the time to respond.

UPDATE: for the last couple of weeks I have done nothing but research ground tents, swags, and hammocks. I contacted companies in Australia and even went on to Alibaba to see if I could buy directly from the manufacturers of ARB, Kings, etc to see about getting my hands on a non-branded swag. I looked into Kodiak canvas but the reviews were inconsistently inconsistent. I also looked into hiking and car-camping tents made by Big Agnes, MSR, Mountain Hardware, Marmot, REI, North Face, Sierra Designs and Nemo. If there’s a brand I’m missing please let me know and I’ll check it out.

After finding tents I liked with good reviews I then checked out YouTube videos on their setup and feedback. This far, this is what I have pulled a trigger on:

For Solo Camping + 1 Large Dog I purchased the SIERRA DESIGNS DIVINE LIGHT 2 FL. I purchased it for $213 off Amazon; the suggested retail price is $389. It weighs a little over 3 lbs and is small enough to stuff in my rear drawer system. Because I currently live in Guatemala I don’t have to worry about harsh weather elements. 99.9% of the places I camp is in mild or hot weather and rainy season is clearly marked between May-November, and without the freak thunderstorms the US gets. I choose this tent because it fits my criteria of being lightweight, roomy enough for me and one of my large dogs and is pretty simple to set up. Pics below.

For camping with friends, extended weekends, and my 2 large dogs I am STRONGLY considering the NEMO DARK TIMBER 4P walled tent. I read the review on expo portal and liked everything I read except for the setup time. First time setup takes about 25 minutes and 15 minutes after you get the hang of it. I’m hoping with 2 people we can cut this down in half. I like this NEMO option because it looks to deliver similar styling, space and sheltered protection as the OZ tent at a more economical price—found it in sale for $387 and MSRP is $499–and at a fraction of the weight (17 lbs versus 55 of the Oztent). Because of this lighter weight and size I can bring a couple of cots and a folding table to place inside for greater comfort. I have not purchased the NEMO tent yet so if anyone has experience with and/or pics of this tent I’d really love to hear from you! Internet pics below:

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Cool looking tents!


I have a Big Agnes flying diamond 4 tent that works well. It is easy to set up and take down. The bag it packs into has ample space, you just stuff it in, no folding, which i like.

This tent uses clips for the tent to pole attachment instead of sleeves. I can't stand threading the poles through a sleeve. I originally bought an REI tent and returned it bc of that.

I also like a tent that can be set up with no guy lines. If there is no wind, in my opinion the guy lines are all optional. It's essentially free standing, throw your gear inside and that keeps it in place.

There is a vestibule in the front and back. There is also a door in front and back.

If the weather is nice you could forgo the rain fly.

It's a 4 person tent, which to me means it's a 2 person plus duffle bags and stuff. One person and a few big dogs would work fine as well.

Check out the REI Garage www site, They have a few nice tents on sale + 20% off right now if you are a member.

The trail pics with the mud is some serious business. Looks like a lot of fun..... Until it's time to work on something under your vehicle a few months later and dirt clods are falling on you.

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