Ditch the 80 for a Power Wagon?


Should I sell my 147k locked 80 and get a power wagon? Similar mileage but way more power and truck vs wagon style. A touch less capability though...


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I believe there's a similar thread already going about this, or rather, trading a Tundra in for a Power Wagon.

My opinion, different tools in the tool box. Each one has it's own attributes and they hardly compare.

I say one of each.


In pretty biased, but no way would I get out of any Toyota for Power Wagon. Hit up hilldweller, he had one for a while.


If you need, or would prefer a pickup, go ahead and sell the Cruiser. Might as well reach for the sky on your asking price as some fool is likely to cough it up. I wouldn't buy any model of Ram/Dodge, especially a fairly new and expensive one, but if that's what you want then go for it.


sure, sell one of the worlds most capable and reliable vehicles for a power wagon. Sounds logical to me.....

Sounding like a prick here, but that's kind of a silly question to ask on a cruiser section. First off, we are biased here; secondly, that's really your choice and asking us is kind of silly.

Ok, off my soapbox.


That's why I asked it here. To get real world feedback. Not offended at all. I myself can only find pros to keeping the 80 but I wanted other opinions on he functionality differences of the vehicles.

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I've had 3 Power Wagons for work, each one bought new and driven to just over 100K miles. It is a good choice for me as it has good skidplates, a winch, and low ring and pinion. All of my sway bar disconnects have broken, as have the lockers, as well as countless other things...in all of the rigs. Every time I fix them they break again, thus I've stopped fixing them and just drive around with no lockers (nor sway bar disconnect) and a flashing warning light covered in electrical tape.

My newest PW only went about 1K miles before the wheel speed sensors went wonky, causing total VSC freak out at highway speeds...very fun. I also strongly dislike the new transmission as it prevents me from manually shifting, except by the funny little switch on the stalk (slow to respond).

The PW is better on the highway, especially with the new transmission, but the 80 runs circles around it off-road or on rough roads. The PW has pretty bad visibility as well and is rather large (especially the new one), which makes driving an 80 on semi-technical trails way easier...and thus significantly less tiring.

When not at work I drive my 80, and smile every time I get in it. When I compare it (97 with 130K) to my '13 Power Wagon (15Kish) it is night and day what a superior vehicle it is. The build quality is immeasurably better.
No comparison....IMHO.

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Wow. That is a great comparison. The newest one I could afford would be around the 100k mark. Thank you for the info you guys.

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I have a full size crew cab truck and a Landcruiser. The truck is great for towing, gets better mpg and looks nice hauling the kids around town. The Landcruiser has more cool factor to it, is better for the backcountry trails and keeps up fine with the truck when I am pulling a trailer on the highway. I love how my Landcruiser is so overbuilt! As one member from years ago stated, the Landcruiser is like a pistol, great for short range, the truck is like a rifle, better for long range. Each has it's purpose and I have thought of getting rid of the minivan to just have the Cruiser and the truck.
The Cruisers are not known for their power, so if towing is in your future, I might go with the Dodge.

I actually have a Dodge, but it's a 2500 Cummins so it doesn't really compare to the Power Wagon. I like the Dodge for its simplicity. It doesn't have a lot of bells or whistles and I like it that way. I have had to replace all of the bearings and joints in the front end including the steering shaft and steering box, but I chose better than OEM parts when I did this work and it should last at last another 100K until it may need more work. Other than that, the truck has been flawless. The interiors are cheap, the body panels look like they were made by Santa's elves and everybody complains about the auto trans but I figure if you're hard on it, anything will fail.

A few years back I really wanted an 80 and I looked at a few. I couldn't get past the lack of power. For the mileage it gets, it should have more power. If you don't need power then I would stick with the 80. They are really cool.


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Only you can decide which is best suited for your needs (duh!, right?), but I own a 100 series and a 2014 Ram. I love both, but if there was one I'd choose to drive (if I didn't need the cargo capacity of a fullsize truck) it would be the Land Cruiser.

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I have no firsthand experience with the PW but a neighbor has one and has complained constantly about reliability issues. He works at the local Air Force Base which is about 10 min away and the truck gets driven there and back. He really hasn't been using it for what it was designed for and he's still having issues. I don't know all of what he's dealing with but he did mention the lockers stopped working.
As has been mentioned, if you need something with better towing capabilities then the Dodge probably makes sense. However, for me, with all the recent reliability issues with the Ram trucks and from a lot of what I've heard from owners there is no way I'd pay money for a Ram truck, new or used unless it was so cheap that I could spend double the purchase price on repairs and still be cheaper than a new one.


I don't get the appeal of the power wagon. I had a full size truck that was lifted, locked front and rear, but never saw trail time beyond minor stuff where lockers and winch would never be necessary. I sold it to focus on building my 80. I replaced that truck (f350 7.3 diesel, crew cab short bed, 4" lift) with a stock 1st gen tundra for daily drive and work duty, as well as extended drive expedition travel where cargo capacity and road manners are more important than off-road capability. I love having both. If you can only do one decide what type of terrain you will be covering. If lockers will be necessary don't go full size anything. If not I would pick any full size rig you like and trust and forget about the power wagon options. For me, I would stay Toyota, but to each his own.