Discovery 5 Off Road Short Cut Video


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Thanks for sharing!

I see at 1:20 you use some left-foot braking, I'm also a big fan of this technique.

Don't you find that the brake pedal is too far to the right? I've been looking for a way to move the brake pedal more to the left in my RRS so that I can use left-foot braking in everyday use, but so far no luck.

Perhaps this is would be a nice product idea for your shop?


I'm enjoying mine - just turned over 29K miles on it. The only two things I don't like about it are the rotary knob for the gear shift and the tail gate (it's clonked me on the head a couple of times) both of which will be eliminated on the new Defender.

We were on the Tail of the Dragon on Monday morning.



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I have been very happy with ours. It is better off road than people give it credit for. With the Sliders I feel comfortable keeping up with the 3s and 4rs on the trail. 9k on the clock and 1/2 has been in the dirt!

Feeling good about the Defender 2


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I'm sure it is a good vehicle, it is just not selling in volumes needed to keep it alive. Wouldn't be surprised to see resale values suffer accordingly. Keep in mind that this is LR's first attempt at creating a VW Touareg product.