Discovery 5 New Video!!!!


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Do you have video of it actually *driving* off-road or just pictures? Let's see it in action with the new meats.


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Yea, no additional info?

That a good question...
Come on Steve let us know.......

Ok all the ball busting aside. The D5 has been the most surprising Discovery I have ever had.

Sorry, I did not think it was going to be as good as it is.

With the few mods we have done to this truck it begs to be used off the pavement. The new traction control system is noticeably better then the first version. The larger wheelwells allow for a 33 12.50. To achieve this on a D3 or 4 you would need to trim. If anyone whent back in time to my notes on the D3 you will find I said the D3 became a true off roader when the 12.50 wide tires where installed. 
The D5 is currently getting rock sliders and after that I feel it may be the best Discovery on this “ Overland Style Set up”