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Who makes the front bumper? Looks like a full metal combo with A Frame.
Unfortunately it's no longer available, but it is a Lucky 8 design. They sell something similar for $1888 which is the Proud Rhino bumper. If you're looking for something more economical, they also sell a CFE bumper for $888.00.


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nice front bumper. Who makes it?
Same exact unit as mine. Closest thing from Lucky8 is this:



2006 LR3 SE mostly stock with almost 170k miles.

Long list of receipts from the PO; about $18k. Owned it for 6 months and planned to do more mods but stuck in repair mode.... Besides it performs well off-road in stock form.

Fixed passenger side sunroof drain, windshield cowl and added a home fab’d shield to cover the heater vent under the cowl. No more leaks!

List of repairs since purchase goes on but better to start a separate thread.

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Question about Rhino rack. How is it mounted to the roof? Is it their mounting system? I really want the ARB Base rack but have just been told there are no immidiate plans to make a rack for an LR3. Rhino says their pioneer mounting system in not available for my vehicle with short racks and trying to find out if I need to buy the longer rails. Thanks for any info


Interested in the Roo bar as well. looks very similar to ARB but their website isnt working for me regarding fittment.
Keep in mind that ARB doesn't know what their own bullbars fit on. I put the ARB Summit on my 2013 LR4 with zero issues and they say it only works for the facelifted 2014+ LR4. I'd guess it would work on an LR3 also since I don't think the mount points changed. I may as well post some images since it has been awhile.



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That is lovely! And I totally get your comment about ARB. I just received a reply from them after emailing their COO and head of global marketing because I was so frustrated trying to get information on their new Base rack and Summit bull bar from ARB USA. I couldnt even get ARB tech rep here in the US to provide any kind of basic installation manual for their base rack. Still not satisfied with the answers so I guess I will look elsewhere. I would love it if that bar would fit on my LR3