Disaster Relief Work


Does anybody volunteer with a disaster relief organization? I recently completed my initial required training for Team Rubicon (http://www.teamrubiconusa.org/) and hope for an opportunity to deploy with them in the future.

I grew up doing disaster relief through Civil Air Patrol during junior high school and high school. After high school I enlisted in the Air Force and served as a Fire Fighter for 7 years before separating in 2012. I just recently got back to a place in my life where I can do something like this again, so I signed up for Team Rubicon.

Curious if anybody else does this kind of volunteer work and who for. Also curious if anybody else has specifically modified their vehicle with disaster relief work in mind, and what they've done.


Expedition Leader
There are a lot of SAR guys on here and most of them usually can/will help with disaster relief. I have been wanting to do the San Diego Sheriffs SAR for quite some time but due to work I am not able to commit to all the time it takes.


I have done some occasional disaster relief work through a faith-based organization over the years - most recently working on property cleanup and home rebuilding in Yarnell, AZ, after their devastating fire there a year ago. They're more focused on long-term cleanup/rebuilding rather than immediate relief work. I'm not sure which type you're interested in?

Todd Z.