Dirt worthy wheel and tire options for heavier campers


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I have a 36 foot motorhome on a 2017 ram 5500 four-wheel-drive chassis. The coach ways around 17,000 pounds dry and has a gross rating of 19,500 pounds. The front axle weight is around 7000 pounds and the rear axle weight is around 11,000 pounds dry. I would like to go with tires I can air down for sand, preferably the dually configuration. Any suggestions on tires and wheels? For clearance I think the biggest I can go is around 35”. I’ve been looking at trying to go to a 20 inch wheel but have had trouble locating a solution. I was also looking at putting 2 inch spacers on my suspension for left.

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There are a few 20" tires out there rated at just under 4k. Most are 35x13.5 IIRC. That makes duals hard. Your Going to get wide in the rear with that big of duals.

I went with beadlock 19.5 singles.

I'm at 14500 ish.

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for the weight i'd suggest military beadlocks (ie; HEMTT) that would have plenty of weight rating for your rig...but the real problem is tires that small with enough payload in a single. my rig and mattersnots are identical c4500 kodiaks around 14.5k total ... i am going to be mounting the same tires as him (g275 msa's 335/80r20) on mrap/jerrv wheels - he is on stazworks wheels. these are about 41.5" tall and they're actually the 'shortest' I could find with enough payload (around 6800 lbs each iirc)

to do singles,but only 35" tall ... i don't know if that beast exists but good luck
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