Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...


Tim and Kelsey get lost..
This week we enjoy the last bit of El Salvador, do two long border crossings to get through Honduras and end up offroading late into the night in Nicaragua to reach our friends house.



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Glad to have come across this thread. I binge watched and caught up lol. I look forward to future installments.


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It would be great to get a budget or spending update now that you have been on the road a long time and a range of countries.

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Great podcast (y) Celebrity status now eh :D 'Expedition Portal' today, 'The Tonight Show' tomorrow ...………………………………………….! :LOL:



Tim and Kelsey get lost..
:ROFLMAO: Ha!! I think part 2 should hit next week.

This week, we're on time posting for once since we have wifi!!
We visit the most talkative Hermit who carves everything from animals to the Twin Towers into rock and then head off to relax and Kayak in the Caldera of a Volcano. 😃