Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...


Tim and Kelsey get lost..
At 70 and no offspring, if only I had the funds to support. Thank you for sharing your adventures. My wish to you and Kelsey is someone with the funds finds you two as enjoyable.
Likes, shares and kinds messages like that keep us motived to keep at it. Cheers and glad to have you along!


This is the second installment of our season one finale. We say goodbye to Arizona and we get a good send off from the desert! Come along for some beautiful desert sights as we head into the next chapter!


We make a quick stop in Big Bend National Park on our way to Houston to put Dusty in a container. Come along as we discover some of this beautiful area.
Another excellent video. Thanks for sharing your travels and experiences...so many of us are helped along by your informative content on destinations, good overlanding practices and gear.

I'll just mention that in addition to the well known national and state parks in Texas the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has primitive camping facilites in several locations:

TPWD: Wildlife Management Areas: Find a WMA (texas.gov)


Fossil Overlander
PoorDusty - hope he has some company on the boat.

Thanks for the video


We arrive safely in Cairo and get to explore this new and exciting culture. We do all the touristy must-sees and also try to get a little taste of normal life here in the city. Come along as we visit, the famous Pyramids of Giza, The Egyptian Museum, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, and the Grand Bizzare. We are excited to share the highlights of our visit to Cairo!


Come along as we see what Luxor Egypt has to offer. We hop on bikes so we can see the sites at our own pace, eat some delicious food, and try to show you just a tiny little bit of what this place has to offer.