Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...


Tim and Kelsey get lost..
Well, here goes nothing.
It's hard to believe it's finally our time! :eek: Notice has been given at our jobs, the house is being rented and after working Overland Expo West 2018 we're heading out!
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  • I'm SOAZ and my wife is KMM and our truck is Goose.
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  • The plan: Tim and Kelsey get lost...
    • Well, not completely lost. We've decided that we want the freedom to travel where we want, when we want. After saving and planning for so long we don't want to feel obligated to go anywhere so although we have hundreds of pins and thousands of tracks to check out on our digital and paper maps, we're just going to play it by ear and decide where we want to go each day. To start, the plan is to spend plenty of time in Baja and then ferry to mainland Mexico and see where we want to go from there. We're looking forward to talking to locals and other travelers to decide where to next!

Goose is a 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser that we cut the roof off of to install a Campteq pop-top.

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Tim and Kelsey get lost..
When do you plan to be in Baja?
Should be heading south in mid June. We're going to do a couple training sessions in Moab/Grand Junction after Overland Expo if we can to help pay for the transmission we just blew up.


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So much fun to see you 2 at Overland Expo even if it was for only a few minutes...I can't wait for the next blog update


What could go wrong?
Best wishes on your Journey......... Looking forward to seeing you two at Born Free......
And remember........ What could go wrong?......


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Best of luck to you guys! I don't come on here as often as I should, but i look forward to checking in to see how your trip will be going. Hopefully it will be my time soon!


Tim and Kelsey get lost..
Posting this from El Pescadaro, Baja California Sur. All is well. This is the biggest town we've hit since entering mexico about 20 days ago so we're doing some uploading. This is a long walk through of Goose. We've had a lot of people ask for more detail so we tried to hit everything, but I can already think of several things we missed.
Here ya go!