Digital Voice Anyone?


Just curious...anyone running DStar, DMR, Fusion or P25 in their rigs?

Do you use them when you are running in the wilderness (or rugged back ways and by ways) with your group?
Yes. I run a bunch of icom gear that is all dstar enabled.

Mostly, it's to eliminate static when we are still en-route. There isn't much interference in the wilderness so audio quality generally isn't an issue while remote.

I don't think I really gain much, but the gps-subdata has been useful a total of two times. It saved us a few minutes of reading the coordinates.

Mostly, I chose this hardware due to icom's gps-aware dr memory that allows you to "find nearby repeaters" from the programmed list of 1500 repeaters, in conjunction with the ability to page in/out pages of 1500 programmed repeaters to/from the built in SD card. This functionality allows me to use "find nearby repeater" anyplace in the western United States with every repeater on repeaterbook programmed in.
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I slapped a yaesu ftm400 into my fj a while back, mainly because i just like new stuff (kept the ftm350 as well though) and while i love the radio, there just isnt much fusion activity in my area. More imoortant, i o ly know one person among those i ever travel with that has a fusion capable radio. Kinda a shame since the digital modes, and instant distance/bearing with gps enabled would be really handy.

Picked up some dmr handhelds to tinker with as well but still ran into a lack of people i wanna talk to.

Just not enough market saturation yet. The cost and complexity seems to keep a lotta people away too. Its hard to justify more hardware when you have perfectly good analog fm equipment already in place.

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For my area (Houston) there isn't a lot of coverage, once you get out of town. From what I can tell NONE when you reach a "wheeling" area. maybe in a few years.....