Diesel heater 3kw 12v NEW, like an espar or webasto but chinese

Bought this brand new last week. The kit seems great and is complete but we didn't pay attention to measurements and just found out the heater is .5" too big to fit in the tight space we have! Got to sell it and find another solution. This comes with the pass through muffler, the more simple/reliable knob controller, a 15L plastic tank and all the parts needed to get it installed.

These are budget copies of Espar heaters but have a ton of parts support and groups dedicated to them on facebook etc..

Sell for $135 which is what i have into it! Pick up near LA (can meet at Frontrunner) or will ship for costs.


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So could I use this to heat my roof top tent? Thinking I could mount in in a case in my truck bed then run a small duct up to the tent. Any concerns with carbon dioxide with it being a Chinese copy?


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I'm interested, and my in-laws aren't far from Frontrunner, so it'd be an easy meet-up, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get to LA until after Christmas at the earliest. Keep me in mind if it hasn't moved by then!
There's no danger of fumes unless you install the exhaust where it can drift in, which is the case with any fuel heater. The inside construction is almost a perfect copy of the Espar. With all heater installs, people usually mount a CO detector to be safe.

Ok Herbie let me know. I get an average of one guy per day asking me about this but no buyers yet... tough time of year to meet up. Let me know via PM if so, I dont check this often. Thanks


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There are any number of youtube videos that show folks installing these. It's a good option for a DIYer but you just have to be aware that they are definitely gray market - not designed or certified (i.e. no CARB approval or EPA SmartWay, fake CE mark, etc.)

I've used products made of the finest Chinesium in my personal builds and wouldn't discourage anyone from trying it because of the cost savings - just know what you are (and aren't) getting.