Diesel 5k Heater in FWC Fleet Shell


OK, My heater came in, and I was able to unbox it today. I am dying to set it up but...life calls. Skiing tomorrow then NYE party. Here are a few pics as I unpacked, I'll post my progress for those of you that are interested. The heater unit was packed well in an air pocket bag, most parts were in nice silver bags, except the fuel line, you can see it poked a whole in the inner box. It seems to be fine. I plan on putting it in a box and and hanging the box on my FWC when in use. Not sure if I am going to use the fuel tank or something a little smaller.

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Cool!! Does it come with a diesel fuel tank? These heaters are really interesting...did you have an idea where you were going to locate the diesel fuel tank?

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NYON, yes, it comes with a 10 liter tank.
racer3822, yes, that was my inspiration, thanks for adding the link.

I'm parking this link here, planning on something like this.
And this one too, great resource by VVKB.
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OK, mostly hooked up, I put the heater in a Rigid box from Home Depot, cut a hole in the bottom to bring in makeup air and let out exhaust. I also put 3" holes on the right and left for cold air intake and heat out. I'm am waiting for a smaller fuel tank that will fit in the box as well (5L instead of 10L).
I have the digital interface, there are some good tutorials on Youtube. The basics are that is seams to work well. When you press the power button, you can hear the fan start up and the pump begin to send fuel. About 2 minutes later, it starts to sound like a jet taking off, this last for about another minute. Then, nice hot air out the hose.
You can adjust the heat with the up/down arrows on the controller. I took it up to P-5 and it was cranking, down to P-2.5 and it was slower and not as hot.
I'm waiting for a smaller fuel tank, a silicone sheet to install on the bottom as a heat shield and a 3" deck plate to enter the back right side of my camper.
So far I am impressed with the heater, there are some work-arounds with the fuel, exhaust, and intake being on the bottom.
It seems really ideal for its intended purpose of being a van/truck heater.


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nice install!

out of curiosity, what are the approximate external dimensions of the heater?