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The 33x10.50x15 have a wide tread width. Most 10.50 are in the 8.15" range. These tires measured in the 9" range. That is an 11.50 tire treadwidth.



I bought the DC Extreme Country 255/85-16, load range E. They replaced Duratrac 245/75-16 (load range C), and I was concerned about the ride quality going to E on my relatively light 4runner. I haven't really noticed them being significantly stiffer or harsher than the "C" Duratracs that preceded them. A lot more tread noise for sure, and a big change in torque to the road with the larger diameter.

So far I've been using similar pressures to what I used on the Duratracs: 35psi on the road, 22-25 psi on dirt roads (based on wear measurements, I might need to decrease my road pressure.) I haven't been on anything that required lower pressures, although I have been on several difficult roads where lower pressure would've helped quite a bit. Guess I was too lazy to let out more air.

I'm not impressed with the wear, which was ~0.1" in 4200 miles. Those were either highway miles, or dirt miles, since I only use the 4runner on trips.

At this wear rate, I'm already thinking about my next set of tires. Maybe the Cooper ST Maxx is in my future, unless there are Duratrac or General Grabber X3 offered in this size next time around. The Duratracs were awesome tires for my needs, just too small.


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I refuse to touch Dick Cepek with a 10 foot pole. Had a set of the older FCs when I first bought my Jeep and the sidewall literally blew out sitting in my driveway. They also wore horribly, went through about .1" tread in 5000 miles, and always found a way to make the tread chopped.

Isn't DC a subcompany of Cooper too?


The 95 Montero I bought 5 years ago had a set of FC-IIs. I was very impressed with them. The were loud for sure, but traction was really impressive on all the surfaces I used them on, including snow. My brother now owns the vehicle, but I am guessing combined we have close to 35k out of them. They are looking worn but they haven't reached the wear bars yet.

I am looking at the Extreme Country and the Fun Country, as well as some of the Coopers for my new project, a 78 K20. The price difference between the DC's vs Coopers or BFGs is hard to ignore, especially with the good experience I have had with them.

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I've had the DCEC's ( 255/85 16) on my Frontier for about 8k miles, so far so good. They're both quieter and lighter than the Kenda MT's they replaced. I was torn between these and ST Maxx's, the price seemed worth the gamble.

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My DCEC's have about 5k miles on them (plus approx 1400 miles being flat-towed), just did the second 5-tire rotation. My rig is pretty light, they're showing almost no signs of tread depth loss but I am losing chunks here and there and the leading edges of the tread blocks are getting a little gnarly. This past weekend we did a vehicle recovery approx 7 miles off of the main road in knee deep powder on top of a couple feet of base snow. Aired down to 10psi they took me everywhere I wanted to go. Dragging a 6000lb Yukon back out was a challenge. He was off the road far enough that we used about 98 of my 100ft of winch line to reach him. Our local shop has sold a number of sets of these tires now from people looking at my Jeep then visiting with some of the hunters who now run them. Loving this tire.



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NWA homies. Good looking truck! I'm in Fayetteville, I'm guessing you are not, or I would have noticed your truck running around.


Just remembered the thread. Will give an update in a couple days of wear and milage. They are doing well as you can see by the pic.



I'll throw in a bump here, since info on these is sparse. I have 5k miles on a set of these in 235/85R16 E. They're very light for a set of E rated mud tires, on and a lighter truck don't seem to inflate like most E tires. I was running air pressure at 38 front, 34 rear; now up to 39 front, 34 rear.

They work a lot better on snow and ice than the manufacturer's language would suggest, although I deliberately went pizza cutter with these for packed snow/ice and to dig in wet snow. I have not noticed any tendency to pick up rocks, which is surprising.

About 1 mpg loss in stop and go daily driving vs. the OEM P-metric Dynapros. No major change on the highway. They track well at highway speeds, no squirrely mud tire stuff.

They're getting a little louder as they wear in, nothing obnoxious as long as you keep an eye on inflation pressure. Off the cuff, I'm expecting to get 40k miles out of these if I stay on top of rotations, alignment, and tire pressure.

Performance in all sorts of snow and ice so far greatly exceeds the OEM 265/75R16 Dynapros, which are still some of my favorite all terrain tires.



Running them in 35x12.5x15 C on my MJ. Daily driven on pavement 30 miles a day and weekends in the mountains. This winter they have been absolutely superb in snow and ice. They do lack the siping of an all-terrain, but for what they are, they do pretty dang well on icy roads. ~4,000lb rig running 18psi rear and 20 psi front chalk tested. Ive got about 15,000 on them and love em!



As an update, I've been slowly creeping up my tire pressure on these for pavement - 40 up front, 36 rear, while "empty", with driver + everyday tools at 5250 lbs. Tires are wearing a bit faster than I would like, but evenly, with no major increases in noise or the common "woob-woob-woob" sorts of worn mud tire noises.

10k miles on them now. If these get 30k or more miles I'll be happy and likely buy another set. I had them in some unreasonably deep snow this past spring and they're much, much better than any AT I've run in similar conditions. As long as I can reach the bottom they just dig right through. I went from needing Maxtrax several times per outing to not even needing to get out of the truck.

Mud and rough stone performance is good, as you'd expect from a mud tire. I drive carefully, but the sidewalls have no cuts and the tread blocks are in great shape after lots of rocks.


I have a set (255/85/16) I wear in summer that have been going for three years or so, loud, but super impressive off-road when aired down. Last trip took me through foot deep sand in Razer tracks and they happily churned through at 20 psi. Slickrock, loose rock, mud--no issues. My only complaint is that they see too much pavement, but just last week they saved the life of some idiot bicyclist running a red... which is good for everyone, I guess.