Diamondback HD tonneau. Anybody have one?


Looking for feedback on the diamondback HD’s for my F150

Any real world experiences would be appreciated. Pros/Cons


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My buddy has one. He really likes it. It’s solid as heck. It’s easy on off If he need to haul something big. No leaks cause he’d ********** if it did.

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I've had the 'SE' version (light duty) for 12 years now for my '02 F250 and love it. On and off very easy (I use C-clamps instead of the proved clamps, so tool-free removal), very weather tight, very durable. I like that you can say flip open the back and carry something larger like a washer without removing the top (of course securing the 'flipped-open' section so it does not blowback). A one-man job to install (remember mine is the 'light duty'). I added some tie down points to the edges so lighter stuff (kayaks, etc) can be carried on top.

So very nice to report in this day and age, a product that lives up to or exceeds its 'advertising' and something I can think of no way to improve.


I have the HD version on a 2019 Ram 2500. Mine has been on the truck about a year. I like the fact that it is lockable and secures the bed of the truck. My HD model can hold up to ~1,500 lbs on top of the cover- which essentially turns the truck into a flat bed. Anything that doesn't fit inside, gets strapped to the top. The Diamondback is pricey, but I highly recommend.

I also have an ARE bed topper on my Tacoma. The ARE provides the same security and weather protection as the Diamondback. I went with the Diamondback on the RAM for the aesthetics. I have no reservations recommending the Diamondback or the ARE topper.


Looks good. I put one on my Ram 2500 over a decade ago and no complaints. Similar to yours but with tall headache rack.


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It is an amazing piece of kit. A bit pricey retail, and mine was 99.9% waterproof, just make sure you cement the rubber slide for the locking bars (unless they changed the design since 2012), as they are prone to slide off and make opening/closing difficult. For $1K that is an amazing deal that adds real value to any p/u truck IMHO!


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My truck had one when I bought it. It was impressive. I sold it on Craigslist for $800 in under 20 minutes. I had no clue what I had 😂 The guy who bought it was really excited and it was basically free money to me.

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I've had my Diamondback HD for about 8 months, very well made. I recently added a FrontRunnerOutfitters Rack System (tracks mounted to cover, load bars and an aluminum tray [57" wide X 38" long]); that still allows the Diamondback cover to be opened on the backside. I also have several waterproof boxes (Rugidgear, Alu-box) that get mounted to the tray when I go camping. So far, I'm really liking this setup.