Democratic Republic of Congo: Lubumbashi to Kinshasa


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It's a good thing this thread is still at the first page. I just read the entire story at once. Amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing it, you have a great talent for both adventure and writing!

Truly motivational!


Wow, This was an amazing and inspirational story..... absolutely incredible .... Not like everyone hasn't said all this before. Extremely well written and so entertaining. Thank you so much for taking the time to share. This is what it's all about right here.
It takes allot to just pack up and go off on an adventure. If only i could afford to just quit work and travel the planet.

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what more can i say that hasnt been said before?
i stumbled onto this post last year while at work and spent the rest of the day reading, it wasnt avery productive day!
so well written and what a journey.
thank you


Haven't gotten through the whole read yet, but it sounds amazingly (and distressingly) like Mungo Park's Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa written in 1799.


Spent the last two days reading this, what an amazing adventure!!! Hopefully these two will poke their heads up around here again one day.


My remarks may need clarification. Park's narrative is regarded as one of the best adventure stories ever written. The distressing part is the continuing nature of central Africa. Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa is available for free, online at

Byrnie Mac

Incredible. Simply incredible. I stumbled across this thread on mistake, and before I knew it, I was 40 pages deep and a couple hours had flown by. What a tale.

As for the wrap up and dealing with people's opinions... I'll say this much: I think both you displayed incredible amounts of patience, generosity and tact. Much more than I believe I could muster.

You two are such an inspiration. It is these kinds of stories that keep me dreaming of expeditions of my own


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Thank you for sharing your adventure, it was truly one of the most inspiring stories I have read in my life! :smiley_drive:



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Signed up just to (also) say what an absolutely incredible read this has been!

Quick question:

I'm sure I've read it then missed what happened, but I noticed the 57 mark is completely off the route you went. Is it an error or did you have to backtrack for some reason?

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Inspiring Read

Got lost on the portal and somehow got to your trip report.
Excellent story - I worked for a mining company in DRC as an IT contractor for a short time, travelled around the globe and read a lot of books about DRC - the current 'vibe' and feeling in the DRC is very special and could not be better and more honestly described than in your report...:bowdown: