Definity Dakota MT's or Maxxis Bighorn MT's?


i need tires very soon and 4wheel parts has 10% off Maxxis for the next 2 days. which is the better tire for daily driver, but mostly mud and trails when offroad. i will be getting them in 265/75/16 and mounting them to 16x8 d-window wheels. anyone have experience with both? the Definity tires from Pep Boys have a 40,000 mile warranty which is a plus for me whereas the other has no warranty. any advice?


The last 2 sets I have ran were Dakotas in that size E range my truck is HEAVY @7,800lbs, I was very happy with them I spend more time on rocky trails in the Sierras or Mojave but here in the valley we have alkali based mud that is like grease they are not so good in that $h!+ but nothing short of snow chains or tracks work in it.Pep boys always honored there warranty issues well with me and they are everywhere so that is a plus.
hope this helps.