Defender TD5 Help needed!


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My Landy, wich I love in many ways, is giving me some grief nowadays.

Basically, my situation is this :

Hard to start, one can hear the feederpump (?) Situated in the tank when turning the key. It migth take a go or 3 to get it running, but then it would run for as long as needed.

Untill today !

It stopped 3 times on a 2 hour trip, all times it came back to life after 5-10 minuttes of trying to start it, smoking about 2,5 cigarettes and using 4-9 norwegian cursewords. No logical explanation.

Is there anyone who migth have any idea of what can be wrong?

I have a theory based on the fact that I have been noticing the tank-pump beeing there for the last 3-4 weeks. I havent heard anything from it before, and have been driving it as my daily driver for the last year (20 000) kms.

The car is a 2006 with the TD5 motor.

Thanks go out to anyone who migth have a theory as to what I can try to do.

Best regards

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The filter was changed 2 months ago for the norwegian equivalent of the british MoT approval :)
You injector washer are leaking and you loose pressure in the system. Replace them and youre good to go. Not a DYI job. You need special tools to remove injectors.


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There is one theory I have gotten from one of my colleagues - Vacuum in the fuel system. Basically, the tank air-vent not working properly, and that then causes the fuelpump in the tank to malfunction.

What does the people of the forum of a theory like this?


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As a quick way to check if your fuel tank breather is blocked, drive it and when it cuts out next remove the fuel cap. A little hiss is sometimes common as air pressure balances but a large 'whoosh' noise implies it's the breather.

Are you getting any engine management lights on the dash when it cuts out?

A noisy fuel pump implies it's on it's way out but they usually go quiet when they fail.


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A bit of noise from fuel pump is normal for TD5. Did you try the self purging of the fuel system? When you switch on the ignition, to hear the fuel pump, is the noise from pump the same all time, or is it changing and bubbling noise? "Bubbling" noise means air in fuel and the system is purging it self.
Check fuel pressure regulator for leak - it is located on rear of engine next to the air intake to engine.
TD5 has two stage fuel pump in tank, and yes it can be death or partly death. I have experience with partly death pump - engine was running, but the car had lower power and maximal speed dropped from 160 km/h to 140 km/h. And with totally death pump, the car was still running, but only very slow - up to 50 km/h and not uphill.


sounds like your fuel pump is dead or close to it, go for a gen replacement others dont seem to last.