Defender 110 - Sleeping arrangements


Trying to get an idea of what has been done before.

I have a Defender 110 (classic..) and i Need to keep the rear seats in most of the time and the length with them folded up does work for sleeping (flipped up) but wanted to see others solutions were before i go and build or buy something.

Pretty minimal camping equipment needed so no plan for anything other than a fridge mounted in the truck and some gear bags/boxes which can be moved outside the truck at night.
I’ve done the trailer thing and don’t use most of the stuff i haul around. I don’t mind reconfiguring before a trip as well.

I was thinking of a rear drawer to match the wheel well height, and maybe a removable platform in the rear seat area or something else. My basic plan is to sleep me and a dog in the back when I’m solo, minimal setup/take down time, some water and a fridge.

Fishing for ideas, what have you done?


Ray Hyland

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I had a small wooden platform the same height as the back seats when folded, and a thin sheet of additional plywood that would slide forward to cover the rear seats. Two thermarests on top of it all. Easy to set up and cost virtually nothing. Comfy double bed. Lots of room for gear under the platform.

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A friend of mine did the Alu-Cab conversion on his 110 - If you want to be the envy of all your friends...
Even my sister thought that is one of the coolest campers ever.


Jack that is the longer term plan... just need something for this year since my project plate is full with axles and an engine auto transmission swap.


This is what I've done to the rear of my 110 Defender: Defender110 Wgn Rear Sleeping Arrangement

The rear seats simply fold down and the platform sits above. If I need the rear seat, then I simply slide the platform back towards the rear and fold the rear seats back up.... works a treat. I run a fridge beside my bed but this could be relocated and allow room for 2


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Yours is a 5-door so somewhat different to mine (3-door)

For now, a full size lift up bed in the back. I usu. go alone with a Golden Retriever for Navigator.

This Summer, there should be a lift up roof section for standing height.

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