Decent looking seat covers and flooring?


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Hi, I have a Disco I and the leather seats are showing a lot of wear and tear, and I am having the typical wet insulation/carpet issues. I will be sound deadening the floor, and would like to replace the carpet with something else, as well as the seat covers.

The problem is I want to keep either leather or vinyl seat covers and some sort of carpeting in it. One of the things I love about Disco's is their off roading ability while still being luxurious for taking the ladies out :sombrero:. I don't want to turn it into a trail truck with spray on flooring and neoprene seat covers. Are there any decent inexpensive options out there?

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ALBEIT and expensive option- they are really nice. I would go with the Escape Gear canvas/leather piping option from

Ben Edmonson will take good care of you.

I would keep the stock carpet/ and stock mud mats (you can still get them. In the rear - they make a long cargo mat that will cover under the rear seats. (all available at Rovers North.

If you want addition sound deadening, you can take the door sill screws out, lift the sill plate, lift the carpet and apply a sound deadening/insolation like dynamat or the like.

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I hear you. I've been trying to come up with a solution to the floor as well. You can lift the carpet, put down bedliner, then put the carpet back. The bedliner will really help prevent rust when the carpets do get wet, but obviously it's not a solution to other problems with wet carpeting.

There was one guy who made some kind of custom carpet replacements out of a closed cell rubber matting or something... where is that post?


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Hey guys, thanks for the tip about the seat covers, I never would have found those on my own. After looking at the factory seats I realized that only the front seat bottoms are what are so torn up, so I am considering just seeing if I can get some matching leather replacements made up.

I saw the rubber coin flooring too, and I think it looks great for a camping/trail truck but it a little more utilitarian than I would like to run in my DD. I am considering sound deadening the floors then adding some type of waterproof cushion and marine carpeting over it.