Death Valley Trip 3/21/3/25


We made our trek out to D.V. for the first time. the boys and I had a great time. The first night we arrive in Lone Pine and spent the night there.

In the mourning we hit the visitor center, then headed up the Swansea Cerro-Gordo trail, What a great trail with beautiful surrondings all the way up. We hit Burgess mine, which had about a foot of snow, then hit the trail which had snow drifts and plenty of snow. After getting stuck a couple of times, and having no back up vehicle, I decided to head back down and go up the Cerro Gordo trail. We visited the ghost town then headed down to Lee Flats for the night.

The next day we ventured over to the Lippencott trail up from Saline Valley. The trail is steep and off camber, but we had no problems. So we cruised up to see the Mine, and snuck in. I can't imagine spending all day in a mine, Hats of to the old prospecters. The Race track was cool, but the boys had different expectations of a race track, and were slightly disappointed. Next, off to Tea Kettle juction and Lost Burro mine. Lost Burro was fun to browse around. We spent the night in Hunter Mountians and enjoyed a great camp site.

Saturday we cruised over and up the Pleasent cyn. loop and down South Park. This really is a beautiful trail, with all sorts of scenery from desert to pine trees and mines to boot. Heading down South Park felt tougher than it really was, especially the left hand turn before the log bridge. Not alot of room for error there. This really is a great trail.

Sunday we headed up to Darwin Falls, and climbed to the top. It's an beautiful Oasis in the desert and provides all the water for Panamint Springs town. Following that, we were on the road for Pismo. We look forward to our next trip out there, adding a couple more days to explore more. I'd say a week out there would be ideal. Enjoy the picks.. :safari-rig:
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Great write up! My daughter and I were in the area too!

We spent Saturday night up at the Salt Tram cabin and came down Sunday.

Thanks for sharing!


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That 62 looks well outfitted and right at home in Death Valley. Cool pic from Teakettle Junction.

Looks like a great trip. Death Valley is a special place. Hope the boys appreciated going to such a cool area.

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Thanks guys for the posts. I'm looking forward to my next trip out, Of course with more time alotted. Guy