Death Valley & The Panamints, 2/10 - 2/12 2012 with NVTTORA


Here are the pics I took: and the following are some highlights from the album.

Charlie and I went up a day early on Friday in order to avoid the 5 AM Saturday rush hour from the other folks joining us for the weekend.

The high road up Pleasant Canyon

The low road...hint: don't go this way if you value your paint unless you just feel like exercising your machete ;)

Clair Mine Camp

World Beater Mine Camp where Charlie and I stayed Friday night and the rest of the crew met us on Saturday morning

Rogers Pass, elev 7160.

South Park Canyon, approach to Chicken Rock (sign says ATVs and bikes only and we'll see why shortly :eek: )

Bridge closed to full sized vehicles... WTF :confused:

Weight limit 3 tons. Hmm...what's a fully laden Land Crusher weigh? Talk about sketchy. Chuck was a real trooper though and we got him through without underwear staining!

Our home on Saturday night, the Briggs Camp.

Another sketchy shelf road on the West side of the Panamints, heading down to Panamint Valley.

The Panamint Valley with the road to Ballarat visible in the distance.

Top Gear Falls in Goler wash heading for the Mengel Pass. This was an interesting obstacle and as always pictures do it no justice.

Barker Ranch, home of the Manson family

Mengel Pass

Striped Butte

What a great trip. The weather was perfect, the company was awesome, the wheeling was phenomenal. No one broke anything save some minor body lacerations ;)

Death Valley is an impressive place that we merely scratched the surface of and I can't wait to get back there soon for more exploration!