Death Valley 2017


Experience Seeker
I’m now in a built Tundra with a poptop shell (Ovrlnd). I’m curious if you could comment on the F150 with the FWC camper in the vids. Did he do OK throughout? I’m mostly concerned with width of the rig and off camber tight spots where the top of the camper (mines ~4-5” taller than that FWC, I think, but exactly truck width with no overhang) can tilt into big boulders or overhangs even though the truck without a camper could squeeze through.

Any thoughts?
I was on Steel Pass December 2021, and it was worse than I've ever seen over the last 12+ years. I wouldn't say that all the rough areas change every year, but they do change when there has been significant rainfall, so perhaps every 2-3 years.

Bottom line, travel with good spotters if possible, and be sure to have supplies to backtrack if something looks too difficult. All of the areas mentioned, except Lippincott, are fairly easy to back out and turn around for any rig without a trailer. If you don't like the "tippy" spot on Lippincott mentioned by Ace (if I'm thinking of the right spot), you will have to traverse it anyway, as there is no turnaround for a full size double cab.