Deadman Anchor vs Pull Pal & Synthetic Replacement Line

Hi everyone, I'm trying to put together a minimal self recovery setup. I'll mostly be traveling without other vehicles in the desert and so I'm looking at either:


The RW16000

The pull pal is more than twice the price, but seems like it would be better in any circumstance except pure sand. Anyone have experience with either or both and have an opinion?

Lastly, I have a warn 16.5ti with the steel line. I would like to replace the fairlead and line with synthetic. What's everyone's favorite option?



Hello Warrantchief:

Here's a link to my past reply to a similar question about anchors. In short, I favor the Pull Pal. The rest of that thread could be helpful as well.

I usually make my own synthetic winch lines with Amsteel Blue. 1/2" or 9/16" for our EarthCruiser and 3/8" or 7/16" for a Tacoma (I like a realistic safety factor on my lines so those sizes are greater than others might recommend). Recently learned about Samson's Saturn 12 line - basically Amsteel Blue with improved coatings and treatments to better resist UV light and abrasion. Unfortunately, the minimum purchase for that line in 1/2" or 9/16" is 500 ft!

Masterpull has a variety of prepared synthetic lines available in 1/2" and 9/16" at different price points depending on features. Even the least expensive are made with Amsteel Blue so they would be great lines. If you go to their website, you might have to look under industrial lines to find the larger diameters.



Buy a few hundred feet of Puget Sound/Cortland 12 strand Plasma rope and make your own winch lines, soft shackles, tree savers and whatever else you may need. Buy once and cry once.

The 12mm line has a minimum breaking strength of 37,000 pounds. A conservative WLL is about 25% of that load.

Ronny Dahl has an interesting video on dead man anchors in sand. If a heavy vinyl tarp type of anchor is used, it could serve triple duty as a ground cloth, a drag for firewood, under vehicle repair blanket, etc.

Pat Gremillion used to own Pull Pal, not sure if he still does, but he is a lifelong off roader and the company makes a great product, if a bit heavy and pricey.

See if you can put your hands on one of these instead:

Spade Anchor Model A100 holds 26,000 pounds in sand or soft ground. Made in Tunisia and sold through owner's company in FLA. Order in alloy (#26) for a 10 - 24 pound weight savings over a Pull Pal.