DC Rear Cab Configuration


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Yep, middle for the youngest child always assuming the vehicle has a middle seat. With two now for us I often debate either passenger or driver's for the oldest? This may suck you two, but the rear seat may be best put back.

If your children are like mine (few are), you will need mass quantities of diapers, wipes, onesies, caffeine and patience. As per strollers, they all are a load of junk in my opinion, I have yet to see one that does good at all things. DO not think you need the best stroller, we go through them like skunky beer on a remote Mexican beach.

I'm super-excited for you and can't wait to hear the stories.


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Yeah three matching seats could be cool, I like the center jump seat idea, however, loading and unloading could be an issue until the kid can function on their own. We will probably shift to FlyingWen's car as the primary and use the the Taco for outings and such.

Wen was thinking that we might be able to find another stock split seat, that might work. So the search is on for ideas and sources.

Anyone know what the DC Hilux uses? Would it be bolt in? (Could I get that lucky!?)


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Grim Reaper said:
Couple observations from a daddy of two.

That's a post worth reading again. Consumer Reports and Amazon.com are two good places to get information about car seats, and check the reviews on Amazon before you buy anything. About half the "reviews" are contributed by PR folks, but it is not too hard to weed them out. You are looking for comfort and ease of use.

Don't be dogmatic about putting the car seat in the middle, look and see if it makes sense. In both our cars it prevented the rear seat from folding, which rendered both cars somewhat useless, and in the Pathfinder it just was not safe because of the way the rear seat is shaped (two "buckets" with a seatbelt in the middle).

As for strollers (ducking and running) you need two -- a jogging stroller and an umbrella stroller. One that is useable, and one that packs up to the size of a peanut. Baby Bjorn's are nice too.


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bigreen505 said:
Baby Bjorn's are nice too.
And Kelty backpacks! They barely fold up and take up gross amounts of space! Ahh welcome to overlanding with child :)