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My new iPhone 6Plus screen is fantastic for GPS use. I've not had to use it much but play with it during commutes now and then. I don't run full time because I am concerned about how intense GPS apps may or may not be as data hogs.

Anyone monitored usage and gotten ideas on how piggish or svelte these apps can be?

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Use google maps and download the map so it can be used offline without data consumption. Or get motion x gps and do the same.

Motionx is a brilliant app.

Both are good free apps.



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I do that just curious how bad gps is on data

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If you use an app that can cache the map tiles (aka when on wifi), then you won't need to use data to download the tiles when you are on the move. The Location uses both cell towers and gps most of the time, but I wouldn't worry about this using much data.


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I use my nokia 1020 for navigation while on vacations when I rent jeeps. I used it extensively for a full week trip my wife and I took to nova scotia last fall. I don't think I even topped 1gb of data that whole trip.

I have a 6gb data plan.


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No Problem. I am switching over to a personal mobile plan soon, I hope they let me roll over my package I have now with work to a personal plan. 6gb of data plus a crap load of calling features for 70 bucks a month. score!