Darche vs Oztent

I’m looking for a 270 awning with attachable tent. I have no desire to lift my, medically retired from the Army, body or my two dogs into a RTT. I’m currently gearing up my 93 Toyota extended cab with the V6 for extended travel as the fur and I are going to travel the backroads of the country going from one fly fishing spot to the next. While sleeping in the back of the truck is fine, I’ve had a memory foam mattress made to fit, I’m looking at tent options to give me more room. I was looking at Bravo canvas wall tents but now find I’m looking more at the awning/tent combo of Darche and Oztent. I’d luv feedback on comparing the two and your opinions on what are my best options. What is the best? I’m not looking for cheap. I want a solid setup that will last for more then a year or two. To get hands on close up look at both I’d have to travel a ways as I’m located in south central Idaho. Dealerships for these products are not located close. Thanks for your help.


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No experience with Darche, but we have an Oztent rv5.
-very well built, quality materials. Will last years if put away dry, or allowed to dry out as soon as possible after putting away damp.
-sets up quickly, specially if not deploying the built-in awning. The tent body truly sets up in under 1 minute. (This is assuming you have already identified your spot, and put down the ground cloth).
The awning adds another 2 minutes. From there, awning walls, rain fly, staking etc add additional time.
-very spacious inside for peeps and pups
-tub-style floor is robust and waterproof.
-airflow is great, but can be closed down easily enough.

-heavy...ours weighs 50-60 lbs.
-packs big...like 7’ long.

If you do the OZ, I highly recommend you buy their ground cloth. It’s very well thought out. Awning walls are nice-to-haves, but not necessary.

Good luck with your search.


I have an RV3 Oztent and I got the fly, walls (sides and front) ordered separately . Truly takes very little time to set up the tent, 30 seconds. Staking out and installing the walls takes me about 20 min more. I can't see setting up the walls unless staying in one place for at least 2 to 3 days, but that set up gives you double the enclosed space. We have used the OZ tent many times and it is big enough for the two of us and a table and chairs inside, the walls are great for more space. I put down interlocking foam pads that I got at Harbor Freight to make for a softer base (inside).
I ordered it through Bass Pro Shop and delivery was included. Yes a bit pricey but a fine arrangement over all.
I did order a separate tent bag to replace the stock bag from Drifta out of Australia to have a bit more room to put the tent in a bit easier than the stock bag it comes in.
If I have to sleep on the ground it is my best choice. I did have a Roof Top tent that the OZ tent replaced.

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I have an RV2 in addition to my roof top. Like mentioned above the Tent is very well made and very quick to setup the basics, the additional things take a little longer. It is kind of heavy, and the bag from the factory is not of the same quality but it gets the job done for now. Transporting requires a little room, but I have managed to squeeze it into a 2 door Jeep Wrangler if no one is in the passenger seat;).