Dang Death Wobble!!!

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Track bar


Yep, track bar was checked twice, once by the off-road shop I first went to and myself today as I had to loosen it to remove the axle.

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I know you said they appeared tight... my ball joints appeared tight as well, until I took the knuckle off. The lowers were shot, and 1 of my unit bearings was shot. Couldn't tell until I had everything apart. And these parts were definitely the cause of my DW.
I would think about replacing the ball joints at least, you can check the unit bearings when you pull them off.

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Interesting you should bring these up.....

I pulled the axles out and with that also the knuckles. This allowed me to inspect the ball joints and while the top also was tight the bottom which is made to rotate some appeared to be rather loose, so off the axle went to the shop to press out all 4 and put in new ones.

I also made another trip to Currie Enterprises this morning taking with me all 4 control arms. I decided to replace both upper control arm johnnie joints.

The list continues of new parts.

While I have it apart I'm opting to go with the Vanco front brake upgarde kit. Should arrive sometime this week..

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Johnny Joints... Great.... they will wear quickly with off-road dirt and grime. Then you'll have another reason for DW. They are great for articulation, but terrible for anything that sees miles on the street. Drop Brackets and support braces from RE will solve the DW for you... Trust me... I spent a year chasing this back in 2000 before anybody was really lifting the XJ's with more than 4"es of lift... well not many XJ's were lifted at all 10 years ago. I found a Jeep Mechanic (now a good friend of mine) that saved me from dumping the Jeep. He told me the CA short arms were at too steep of an angle. Way out of Jeep spec. He had me get the caster down (which Tereflex also told me to get to -2 degrees to solve the problem, as they were working to fix the DW as well at the time), and he told me that RE was making DB's for the UCA's, and LCA's. When they came out, I ordered them, had them shipped out the overnight, and put them on that weekend. Ride was fantastic, and never had DW again. Get DB's for the short arms, or get LA's...