Damaged MAN Expedition truck


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Why would you do this? Recommend that another manufacturer who sells half million dollar rigs to turn this back into a half million dollar rig?
Because it's a logical option of getting this camper sorted and paired with a matching truck through a highly qualified shop.
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Not sure what the answer is but the truth is I don't post cool, exotic finds on this forum any more. Just the vanilla stuff because I don't want to RUIN a good deal for a little guy. I'm sure there have been many many "flips" that have germinated here. Truth is EP has become a phenomenon, congrats to Scott and the team, but with that comes greater responsibility. Just some clowns 2 cents.
I'm also local to this rig... was in contact with the seller for awhile prior to this expedition portal classifieds post and was exploring my options for an amazing, typically unattainable build for myself, a "small time guy" when I noticed this rig posted here within a day. Have to say - was disappointed when it was. Game changer for sure, can't compete with the masses. Oh well, such is life....On the other hand, I wish I was the guy who scored buying this Earthroamer a couple weeks ago, thanks to a member posting it here. Very happy for the new owner !

In the end, someone in the EP community will benefit, seeing a listing someone found then posted here and that's great !
I agree, I'm not one to post unique finds on EP, in the hopes that some little man searching day in - day out across the internet for that unicorn, finds it and scores big, with out dealing with a lot of competition 👍
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Why so serious. I can think of very few situations where a monstrously large and expensive camper is a necessity and not a discretionary purchase. Of course with the dollar sums involved, things start feeling like necessities when the opportunity costs/appreciation/depreciation and other derivatives of the sticker price are concerned. The mere potential of ownership puts large amounts of imaginary money on the line, and big dreams too, for sure. That is why I feel like Earthroamers (and similar) are made of drama. The feelings are intense. But the trajectory of this thread is completely normal and almost entirely why I like to visit this sub-forum. Heck, we aren't even talking about stuff for sale by members. Grumbling about how the danged kids are ruining the sacred craft and profession of finding and buying overland expedition campers is hard to take seriously. If you have the wherewithal to make a deal, get in front of the seller and go do it, nobody is stopping you. If logistics or info on condition or legal complications or local representation are a problem, for example, perhaps you don't have a deal. Maybe someday something will turn up and I will buy it, but until then why not enjoy the noise and tumult of the marketplace (and the peanut gallery).

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"potential of ownership.... large amounts of imaginary money on the line... big dreams too" = Drama :cool:

Your right Moto... can't take things too seriously... no grumbling here, just simple commenting.

I always enjoy the noise, witticism and banter of everyone across EP. We've all laughed at clever posted comments, while undoubtedly learning great information along the way.
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We're on the same page, I didn't mean your post specifically, just generically waving above in the thread. It's all good fun, posting on the internet.

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This may be a dump question but does the camper portion legally belong to the truck or could you remove camper, even add another used camper box if needed to keep officials happy and export truck only?


Some people have strong opinions on posting these findings here. I did not expect this to blow up. When I posted the link it was on KSL for over 16days. Who are u competing with, if it would have been such a great deal the diesel brothers would have kept it...


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It is a community service to post 'found vehicles' here on the Portal. That is why they have this thread. I have gotten two great deals from items being listed on the Portal, so I try and return the favor (pass it forward) by posting cool things / great deals I find.

If it is a great deal, something you want/need, here is the 'trick' (although not much of a trick) I use. Call the seller, ask your questions and if you are happy, tell them you will pay the full asking price, will transfer a deposit to them right after you get off the phone, and will be there within 24 hours to pay in full and pick-up the 'treasure'.

Anything else: I need to check with my wife/husband, I need to come up with the cash, I need to beat you down on the price, I need to have it inspected first, I can't get out for 3 weeks, can you do this, this and this, etc means someone else who is more committed might swoop in. It is the way of the world.

Frame widths are pretty standard (close enough). Light-duty trucks (F250, Fuso FG) I have are 34+/-", Medium (C4500) 35+/-", and semi-Heavy (Mercedes 1017AF) 35+/-", so that camper width wise should be happy on anything that has the GVWR that can handy it. As if it can stay legally in the US, for certainly not the MAN truck. Not only was it not 'imported' but too new (2013) for EPA. The camper also was not 'imported' for sale, so that could get sticky. Maybe take it out of the country (Canada?) and 'officially' import it and pay the duty? The duty should not be too bad as 'greatly devalued' written off. It will take some work/risk but IF the buyer has success, it would be one heck of a rig on a 4x4 International/Freighliner/pre-95 MAN/Mercedes/etc.

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And just like that UnitedElectric killed a thread, which was offering good information to a possible buyer of what to look out for, and how to get around certain things... :ROFLMAO:


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And just like that UnitedElectric killed a thread, which was offering good information to a possible buyer of what to look out for, and how to get around certain things... :ROFLMAO:
Good. Aside from the obvious import issues, there was very little good information on that rig, a lot of bad information and a bunch of unneeded attention. And you're welcome 😊😘