Damaged and missing parts: Rhinorack Batwing ordered from Etrailer...sad me

So, received my batwing today, finally! I've been anticipating getting this bad boy installed prior to my next trip out in the trailer! BUT today I get this...

The end was completely missing from the box. The box itself was damaged elsewhere also. BUT I take the box inside and open it up. It looks okay, the hinge end of the awning slid out of the box at one point it seems and grinded a corner on some concrete. That removing a good bit of aluminum and some paint. NOT the worst thing in the world. 'I can touch it up' I thought...

Then I realize... theres nothing else in the box. No brackets. No install kit. I checked out the awning, the pouch, nothing. It's gone for sure. Super bummed. I emailed Etrailer, fingers crossed it's just in a separate box or something? Has anyone else had an issue with their Batwing?


That sucks! Shouldn’t have accepted it. Mine arrived fine. If you need the brackets PM me and I’ll send you mine as I didn’t use them. I did use the screws though. You’d have to find those at the local hardware store.

Oh, not sure where it’s packaged in the box but they also include an extra plastics rod end for the hinge. Not sure if that’s in the stake bag or not. Look to see if that’s missing as well.

Good luck.
My batwing arrived in bad shape from etrailer as well, but I wasn't home to reject it. I left my review on their website explaining how bad the packaging was. I only lost a few washers luckily.
The rhinorack batwing box can definitely use a bit more padding. Mine ended up with a small dent. Yours seem to have suffered quite a bit more mishandling.

Dont forget to open it up after a rain. It collects water. Probably doesnt rain down under.

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My Batwing, also from ETrailer, arrived with the box beat up. The cover had a small tear at that end and the washer/nylon nut for the hinge bolt was not connected and floating around the box. Assuming the shipping companies will not improve I agree that a beefier box is called for. As for ETrailer, I received excellent service from them.

On another note, the awning snapped two of the Delrin hinges on its first desert deployment. No fault of the awning, a sudden 40+ mph gust before adequate staking caught everybody off guard. After getting help unwinding it off the top of my truck shell I packed it back in the bag. Rhino Rack includes two replacement hinge pieces so this is obviously nothing new. I’ll report back on the fix...when I finally get to it.
Just spent a week on the road and was hoping to post some photos of the Batwing in use. However, on the first deployment a 10-12mph gust grabbed it as I was securing the strap on the far side. Both bottom Delrin pins snapped in half. Happy the wife was with me to help unfold the damn thing from the roof without scratching the hell out of things.

To make matters worse, two days latter a rock came through the back window of the FJ. Sitting at a dealer right now getting that replaced. $595 for the rear window, plus labor. Ouch!!!