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My wife and I own a DAF YA-4440 expedition style vehicle. Registered in Oregon. It was built in Eindhoven in 1981: 12 ton, two axle, 4 wheel drive, universal shelter by Fokker mounted axially on chassis. Pretty much mil-spec. Currently has about 78,000 miles and is in full running order. Michelin XZL tires, 1400 R20 purchased as new in 2009 with about 18,000 miles...about half of original tread. Additional set of new tires purchases as military surplus in 2011 or so. Vehicle written up in Motor Trend per link: http://www.motortrend.com/news/daf-ya-4440-expedition-truck/ The article gives a bit more detail on the vehicle specs.

We have enjoyed this vehicle since 2009, and have made multiple trips into the backwoods of Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia. We recently purchased some rural property that is fully occupying us so we are considering a sale.

We recognize the drawbacks of age and the fact that some parts need to come from Netherlands. On the other hand, it has functioned very reliably. It's a simple setup and is a lot of fun. Could any of you offer opinions on what would be a reasonable sales price that would be fair...meaning buyer and seller are BOTH getting a rational deal?

Thank you for insights and thoughts!

Steve Russell
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In the US these kinds of trucks are hard to come by. Depending on the quality of the camper it can be as high as $150k. If the camper is crap it can go on the lower end of $60k. But the age is not a drawback. You can take that vehicle anywhere in central and south america, new vehicles you cant.


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Thank you so much for your feedback. For sure the diesel is designed to take "any" diesel fuel. We have been really impressed with the back road/off road capability and the unit is a lot of fun. camper setup is "ok" with great bed, shower, casette toiled, truma propane powered hot water boiler and heater, webasto heater, 3 burner stove and refrigerator. but....it's simple and no obvious luxury. really appreciate you taking a moment to share your insights. regards....steve russell

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