D70, best telephoto without shaking?


As title,

I just bought my self an old D70 from Nikon but need a larger lens than the 28-80mm it came with

Briefly want to do some outside shots
auto sport/horses and some landscape

how big a lens

is possible without a tripod to lug around

thanks guys



Nikon's 70-300VR would be a great choice. I've got an older 70-210 f4 from my film days that works really well, but the vibration reduction and the extra length would be features I'd willingly give up that difference in speed for. VR won't help you stop motion in low light, but it will greatly reduce your need for a tripod.


Alternatively, an 18-200 would be a nice option to both replace the lens you have and get a bunch of extra reach on the tele end. It's not as long as the 70-300, BUT consider: You'd get a MUCH wider wide at the short end (18mm vs 28mm is huge), VR for the whole range, and better image quality than the 28-80 that you're using now. And, no switching lenses/bigger bag/gear creep. It's more bucks, but your kit stays a lot simpler.



Thanks, I was thinking of something along those lines, the lens I have now is basically good enough for anything in a house
or possible a car shot I suppose, but anything beyond perhaps 20' is just lost.

I also need to ask some questions on best format to shoot in, but perhaps another thread might be appropriate
so I'll stick to the lens issue today


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That's not a bad recommendation, but just know that it has the same maximum aperture at the long end as your 28-80 (f/5.6).

Nikon redesigned their 70-200 f/2.8 VR lens for full-frame cameras. What this means for APS-C framed cameras, or DX in Nikon-speak, is that the original VR version of this lens can now be had used for several hundred less. Now, I know this is an expensive lens, but it is built like a tank and will last you for a long, long time. Plus, at f/2.8, it can use shutter speeds 4 times faster than a lens at f/5.6. I bring that up since you mention auto sports and equestrian photography.

Also, the version Nikon had before adding VR, the 80-200 AF-S f/2.8 would also be a solid candidate. They can be had even cheaper...these are a real bargain and I would argue that if you're using a shutter speed fast enough, you won't need and probably should turn off the VR.

Good luck in your search,




my stock D70s came with the 18-70mm lens which I find very good. I bought the 70-300mm standard G series lens and it is 'ok' in normal light but the autofocus is slow. I hear the VR version is much quicker. I think I will be trading mine in for the VR version soon.

as Eric pointed out the 18-200 VR is also a firm favorite.

I think you need to get down to your local store and decide if you 'need' the push of 300mm or not.

shoot RAW and decide from there.



I've used a monopod to take great pictures on my South African trip - with a 500mm lens. At the very least a monopod - if not, a tripod is a must.

Great pics don't just happen, they are planned !

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Monopod will work much better for sports and action photography than a tripod will.

A good friend of mine just got the Nikon 70-300 VR lens and I was surprised at how light it was compared with the Canon 70-200 IS version. Granted the Canon is a f/2.8, but its easily hand holdable for long periods


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I have the 18-200mm lens talked about above

and a d70 which is still performing great after about 8 years

It performs better than I can take pictures

I have not changed lens since the purchase,its only slightly bigger than the kit lens it came with


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I have the Nikkor 70-300 VR. While the early 70-300 mm lenses were not well regarded, the Nikko 70-300 AS VR is a very, very nice lens, often compared favorably with the 70-200 mm VR. Obviously, the 70-200 is faster at f2.8, but the 70-300 goes longer (natch) and stopped down a bit, the image quality is very close at a fraction of the price. And yes, the VR really works, as I am reminded every time I use my Sigma 50-500mm BIGMA.

As always with lenses, YMMV! :)