Cut off shorts


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What is better than turning your favorite broken in jeans into cut off shorts?
The wife just caught me stitching up a pocket that blew out yesterday on my favorite cut offs and it got me to think.
Who still wears them and if not why? Are they out of style and looked down apon? My go too shorts are the cut offs. If you want the best quick dying belt for swimming then paracord or better yet an old shoe lace. I love them.

Cargoshorts or loose fit sports team silky kneeshorts are expoworthy.
(but wifebeater, sandals, flatbill & smudgemouth goatee mandantory to complete the ensemble) Cutoff pants no...
But if one insists to actually wear cutoff pants they must be cut short enough to expose its front pockets.
Mind you, stagged pants are not cutoff pants.
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I'm not into metal. Up until today I thought a motorhead was somebody who could tear down and rebuild an engine...
The guy looked like BillyBob Thornton after a bad weekend to me.
Me and Hilldweller may not agree on having to wrap your toes around a clutch pedal to drive off road, but I'm with him on this. The dude looked like a parody of a nightmare in a B biker flick