Customized hard-side camper examples


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After much debating on how I wanted to build it out and using it as an empty shell; I'm finally starting to built out my Callen Camper.

Still planning on what else is going to be added. I'm thinking of making cabinets for above the side windows, a couple bars on the ceiling for fishing rods/ longer items. Waiting for my propane tank mount and some other odds and ends.

Twin Purple matress for comfort and a wave 6 for heat... Now that winter is almost over...

Bedframe, Jerry can holder and fridge can be easily removed to use the full truck bed if needed.

Shell is on a Ram 2500 reg cab, long bed 4x4.



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The floor is durable,think it is 1/2 thick,very hard.Tough when cutting.I throw carpet piece over in fall,for more comfort.I watched this site for years.My camper sat parked in woods for some time,lot black algee stain? on it.Lots cleaning inside overall good.Ill try get inside picts later

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The floor is durable,think it is 1/2 thick,very hard.Tough when cutting.I throw carpet piece over in fall,for more comfort.I watched this site for years.My camper sat parked in woods for some time,lot black algee stain? on it.Lots cleaning inside overall good.Ill try get inside picts later
Looks like a great combo, I have a flatbed with my outfitter and love it. Its always nice( once it is done) to make it yours

Hopefully sent from somewhere pretty and remote. With my entertainment and navigation multitool. Contract AEMT, Firefighter, MCPIC, and Safety Manager.


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F-350 camper body by us. Assembled and outfitted by our partner ITB in Surrey BC. Customer requested a big cargo door at the rear. We fitted one of our commercial grade thermal transfer free doors with a 5 layer rubber seal.
Looks good ....60"CA truck?

Where can one get more specs .....weight / tanks / propane / batteries?


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This is probably the place for the end of my 20 year build with a build sheet for the truck and the camper and a few pix. jefe

In 2001, I bought a new 2001.5 (the ".5" was the addition of rear disc brakes)
Dodge 2500 4x4 with Generation II High Output 24 valve Cummins Turbo Diesel.
245 horsepower and 505 pound feet of torque. Seems pretty anemic now but the torque pulls all the way down to idle, a nice feature when crawling around the outback.

It came with:
New Venture NV5600 - 6 speed manual trans. with ratios: 5.63/3.38/2.04/1.39/1.00/0.73/5.63R At 27% overdrive, this has the tallest top gear of any of the 6-speed manuals.
New Venture NV241HD manual transfer case with very wide chain to reduce the negative effects of shock loading when snow plowing. This came in the Snow Plow Prep Package with higher load rated front springs.

Camper Package which included a single, thick upper overload (secondary spring) and an anti- sway bar. This was the defacto SRW 3500 at the time.
6-1/2 foot short bed.

Dana 60, 32 spline front axle with 3.54:1 gears and 3-piece CAD axles.
Dana 80, 35 spline rear axle with 3.54:1 gears and open diff planning to upgrade to locker.


3/8 inch thick sticky rubber bed mat.
4-Lance Camper guides to keep the box from shifting side to side.
Simple Happy Jack tie downs for clearance.
Aluminum abrasion resisting 2 inch “L” brackets around the base of the camper.

3 inch front coil spring spacer lift.

Top Gun Customz 2000-2002 Dodge Ram Control arms for 2500/3500 4x4 for 6” of lift but for only 3” front coil spring spacers placing the front axle 1-1/2 inches forward.

4” aluminized exhaust system with resonator delete. No smog reducing add-ons, just a pipe and and more free flowing muffler.

Vulcan Big line Pusher Pump Kit relocation to frame in front of fuel tank making it a pusher not a sucker.
upgrade lift/transfer pump and fuel tank sending unit
Low fuel pressure alarm (idiot light goes on below 5 pounds pressure) @ 185K miles I still run the original VP44 injector pump.
K&N Filtercharger PN 33-2056 /2006
short tube on turbo waste gate to engage turbo at a lower RPM

SpynTec Dodge Dana 60 Hub Conversion Kit, inner spindle bearing kit, new Dana 70 spindles, new Timken bearings, hub seals, Dana 70, 35 spline outer stub shafts, Mile Marker Dana 70 Lockout hub assy, factory ABS sensors and studs. Delete CAD, Unit bearings, and stock 32 spline axles. ADD: Dana 70 Mosier 35 spline long and short front axle shafts; front 35 spline Eaton Detroit True Trac torque biasing, gear driven limited slip, and 4.10:1 gears. Essentially Dana 70 parts in a Dana 60 case and D-60 RG&P. Some call it a Super 60.

Dana 80-35 spline, full floating rear axle. For the 1st 15 years I used a Power Loc limited slip. The cone shaped plates were under a pretty good preload and worked well; the best of the wet plate LSD's. When I went to 4.10's it was a RG&P change and Power Locs were discontinued. We then went to an Eaton Detroit True Trac torque biasing, gear driven limited slip both front and rear.

8 leaf rear springs: 3 upper secondaries, 1-1k pound helper spring in stock spring pack. Longer U-bolts. Stable Loads. Rancho 9K adjustable shocks. This translates to a 3" loaded lift with the loaded camper on. Replace all wear parts on the anti-sway bar.

GEN 4 tie rod, drag link, TRE’s, and pitman arm. steering stabilizer. Upgrade steering box and pump.

10” x 16” ‘Power Wagon’ Stockton steel super single rear wheels (1/2” plate center hubs) 4-1/2” back spacing. Stupid high load rating.
7-1/2” x 16” steel front wheels. 6.25” back spacing. nonadjustable 4WP stiff shocks front. With a load or not, the front axle weight does not appreciably change.

35 inch Cooper AT3's in a 315/75 R16 size, load range E: 3860 pounds. Lots of sidewall for deflating on sand.

Warn Transformer winch carrier, Warn #30092 transformer grill guard with added welded CroMoly tubing and radiator saver. Warn #62027 foot forward winch mount. Warn 15K pound winch. 26K pound cement mixer front D-rings welded on winch carrier. Receiver hitch square tube welded under winch carrier tray. Aluminum rack/tray fits front or rear.

10K pound, Class V rear hitch.

Lots of recovery equipment. Enough tools. 12 ton hydraulic jack with jack board that will fit under the axle on the side with a flat. 2-ton scissor jack. 20K pound tow strap and several D- rings. Snatch block. Tree Saver. Cat choker. Huge recovery hook. 4 foot breaker bar or pry bar. On board air and ‘Safety Seal’ , on-wheel tire plug kit. Spare hoses, belts, and hard to find sensors. Jumper cables. Winch controller. 3-low boy, 5 gallon diesel fuel yellow plastic fuel containers that will fit on tray.

2020 Northstar Laredo Self Contained truck camper
no microwave oven
no air conditioner
no TV (but wired for cable interface) no steps
no rear bumper
no awnings
no window in entry door
dry base weight: 2,090 pounds

an incredible amount of usable storage space
electric jacks with 3 inch front extender brackets, removable
2 propane tanks
2 group 31 AGM batteries protected under the dinette
41 gallon fresh water tank protected under the step to the bed
13 gallon gray water tank
Thetford C402C cassette toilet:
(5 gallon black water capacity; 4 gallon fresh flush water)
indoor and outdoor shower plus a pop up shower enclosure for warm days outside.

pull out grab handle
Lagun swivel table
memory foam mattress

sub zero insulation package
Rain hooded Fantastic Fan
standard crank vent over the gallery area
Snap cover for exit vent
EuroView dual pane insulated blackout windows, all 4
320 watts solar (2x-160w) with MPPT charge controller
Dometic 12v compressor fridge
Dometic furnace
Dometic 2-burner range top with hinged glass top and iron grate
Suburban SW4D water heater
Glass top SS sink with a lot of nesting tubs, drying racks, and parts

floor length: 8 feet 6 inches
interior height: 6 feet 4 inches tat lowest clearance
exterior width: 7 feet
entry door width: 26 inches
Little Giant 4-step entry stairs with the hoop removed
very stable and retains the correct tread height into the camper

Notice the angles below: approach, breakover, and departure angles are good enough.
The top view shows the relatively sleek roofline. Caps from left to right are: shower ceiling height extension moon roof; fantastic fan rain cap; (160w solar panel behind); crank center vent; (another 160w solar panel); fridge vent; escape hatch cover.

pass side view.jpgNstar rear view.jpgdr. side front 3:4 view.jpgLaredo SC top view.jpg


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