Customized hard-side camper examples


I added 6 6 volt batteries wired in series and parallel. Then I installed a 4k pure sine wave inverter with 3 stage smart charging and auto transfer switch. This will run the entire coach including the fireplace or AC. If I'm going to run the FP or the AC for more than 30 minutes I fire up the 2K Honda I carry in one of the tool boxes. They are DZ boxes 18 x 18 x 48 two on each side. 18 x 18 x 36, one underneath on each side. With the 6 boxes and the huge basement it's more than we need. I also put my spare tire in the basement to keep it out of the weather. This fall I will order a new 2 door JL to flat tow behind it. I will add a front bumper with winch and tow brackets and put a ARB fridge in the back along with a dual battery setup. I also ordered a Backstop bumper and warn winch for the RAM but it is not here yet. Still a work in progress, but we have 28 nights in it already and were leaving friday again.


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Ben, beautiful rig. Well thought out and well executed. You made a lot of great choices for 4 season, full time travel, anywhere except south of the U.S. border. How about some interior shots? The w.b. is short enough to not require any 3 or 4 point suspension of the box. Have you twisted up the axles to see how much frame twisting/deflection occur? Is the box mechanically tied to the cab? With a rather short chassis RAM you shouldn't have much deflection compared to a same capacity Ford chassis.
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Not sure why that came up twice but anyways here is my Buckstop bumper and warn 16.5 on the truck.
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Putting a truck camper on a flatbed looks like a great alternative to putting it in the bed. Quick question...did you have to fabricate some kind of eye bolt or attachment on the steel bed for the camper turnbuckles to attach to? If so, how did you make the attachment point for the steel flat bed? Or were the camper turnbuckles able to attach to an existing mounting point on the stock steel flatbed? Thanks in advance for any light you could shed on this question.

Looks like a great setup with the storage boxes on the outside!!


The rub rails on the bed. They make a very solid attachment point for the tie downs. Various rub rails can be ordered with the CM beds.


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@zb39 where did you get the side mount tool boxes that are on top of the flat bed? I need a set and have been having trouble finding a good source.